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Lighthouse stairs II

35 pieces
62 solves
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..... for MisterDon


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Hi Michelle, thanks .... It was Mister Don's "special birthday" so I posted his favourites - spirals - leading up to his birthday. I've made the rest private to make some room for some new puzzles.


I love the movement! What a great "eye" you have!




Hey LC. ;) Yep, saw your reply and replied to it there.
You're very welcome... thanks for the puzzles. :)


Hey NN I have replied on the other puzzle. Thanks for your compliments, very kind of you to say :o)


Well hi there yourself, ladycharnley. :) You post some great puzzles... the spiral staircases are the best and a lot of fun to do. Thanks for posting them! You're welcome, and feel free to 'call in' on my puzzles some time. Don't know if they'd interest you, but I have some pretty amusing ones posted recently. ;) Just copy the links in the descriptions and paste into another browser window, to watch each of our videos those captures are from... if you want to see what they're about. Also, there's a full list of links to all of our Polaris videos in this profile:


Well hi negativeneil, so pleased you like them. They make great puzzles and I'm glad you like them. Thanks for calling in.


Nice picture! Spiral staircases make really interesting puzzles. :)


Well I'm very pleased you like them Niccolino and you are enjoying them. I may look for some more, they are a popular puzzle.


Very art deco! I bookmarked some of your staircase puzzles so am enjoying doing them now!


Hi jerrys, thanks for stopping by. It is a nice one isn't it ?


How elegant! Thanks!