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Little Washington....

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Nice comfortable outdoor sitting area under left porch of OLD stone house in last puzzle


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Don't know how I missed this yesterday.
Sure is a charmer.
Enjoyed all the comments too.
Thanks for doorway peeking David.


You meant through your house, right, snooker? :) I'm guessing the patio furniture conveyed.


Who knows what might come of it Putter...I'm glad to hear your considering it!! Nebraska has its points of beauty but they're not along the main travel roads.

Good eye, snooker!!


Yes Robyn its just the right amount of color to liven the space up and still not too much!

Sorry Lorna, You'll just have to come visit. I can think of a bunch of jigidis who would like to see you!

You can see through the house with the door on the right.


There are some neat old buildings in town, but you're forcing me to figure out how to get my digital to speak to my computer! (AWK!) Well, I guess it's been a long time coming, and I have no excuse for being a dinosaur!

BTW, of all the hundreds of thousand miles I've put under my wheels on dog show trips, I have to admit that Nebraska is the MOST boring state I've ever driven in. Nice people, but boring for long hauls!


I'd love a little area like that, but then in the British climate, I'd probably rarely use it...


Yep - Iced tea on a hot day on this porch would be ideal Dave. I love the geraniums in the urns!


Thanks Floyd for the comment!


The closest I ever lived to you was Nebraska, PutterDutt. I feel sure we in jigidiland would like to see some photos of the fine Green Bay area. I know I would. Thanks for the comment but I am just a rank beginner as far as photography goes. My father was always taking photos with his old box Kodak camera, so maybe some of that rubbed off. I'm more facinated with it since joining jigidi and then starting to post photos, and try to learn and look closer everytime I go out with my camera which is whenever I go out anymore. Really, if you can, show us some of Green Bay. There must be some great churches, gardens, old buildings, all kinds of things there. Thanks


Great stone work and a great picture Dave.


Next question: Are you a photographer by vocation or avocation?


Virginia! Ah HA! This explains a lot about the gorgeous houses, flowers, scenery and somewhat more temperate climate than Green Bay, WI, currently has.


Welcome to Virginia, PutterDutt! Little Washington is definitely a quaint little town in the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, probably 45 minutes from one of my businesses.


Love it, Warbler. So where is this Nirvana you live in?? Little Washington must be a charming place!


I would probably grab the one back further that is facing out. I would be craning my neck also otherwise, lajuin. Thanks.

Also this photo shows the quality of the fit and shaping, of the stonework especially well, in the shadow area to the right of the right hand urn or geraniums.


Zoom from the road and then Zoom....Beekay :)

That sounds just fine, Laura! Just fine!


Sooo nice . . but I would turn the chair around so that I could watch what ever is happening.


It sure does look cool and inviting. I hope you were invited in to take these photos Warbler. I'd hate to see you in trouble...


Yes, a tall glass of citrus tea and a nice, comfy pillow. Perfect!


Exactly, Suzy. Comfortable is the key here.

Wouldn't it be fun to come home to, smllpkg! Lets dream. :)

Stone steps, cast iron urns of color, wicker, and what you said, Toto!!!

Thanks chookie for the comment@

Thanks Emerger, I'm glad you enjoyed the views.


Thanks for the close-up view of this beautiful home. I do love homes like this, and this one is exceptional! Thanks for the posts!


Now that's one COOL old stone house. Yep, that front porch certainly looks inviting.


A nice glass of ice tea, a good book and a pillow for my head. Heaven!


My favorite photo of today's set! I would love to live in a house like this.


Now, THAT'S inviting! Imagine a hot, humid day....just sitting there in the cool shelter of the stone porch.