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king of the fishers

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When I first bought my property there was a small water run that came in the back & out the side. This little run had minnows & frogs in it & I would sit at my dining table with my binoculars & watch all the critters that visited. There was at least one of these beautiful birds who would visit the little run several times a day for a snack. I got so much enjoyment watching him. Then the tree harvesters came, stripped the woods behind my property, & in the process plugged up the artesian well that gave me my little tiny stream. Everything died. Broke my heart. I still grieve and that was 16 or more years ago................


Would love to see one in real life! They are one of my favorite wild birds.


Glorious shot! Have you ever watched these guys fish? They are awesome! This one must be feeding a mate or little ones because when they feed themselves they catch one minnow, fly to a limb or rock, beat the minnow against it until it is dead or stunned, & then flip it & swallow it head-first. Fascinating! Thanks, beatlecarol..............