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Laboratory in Small Size

42 pieces
201 solves
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How did I miss all these comments?

Well, Sindy, if you solved this one, I hope you enjoyed it.
Katie, those are nite-lites I bought on sale.
Mandy, that smoky substance is flames gone awry.
whatnauts, thank you. As usual, I agree with your assessment. LOL


Cool design (2:26).


I'd work in this lab, it looks so enticing with those lovely light and bright colours, but is that smokey substance on the floor safe??? :))


I like all the light in here!

Someone called at 8:30!!! My nap was cut short!!! (Maybe later, but I doubt it!) Happy Friday! :D


Pat, I like this one more too!

Sindy, it took me awhile before I could see the drum. I'm almost awake now. ;-)

I thought it looked kinda like a snare drum Christmas ornament! :D


This is beautiful--it reminds me of Experimenting, but I like this one better--great colors! The bottom section is like sunset on the desert--on Mars! Cool!