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My Car

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One of my sons detailed cleaned my car for me. Looks new again :)


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I like your car Celeste, real sporty, you can do some posing in NC. Better not try using lappy and camera while driving through the mountains!! Merry Christmas and have a great time.


Welcome to my part of the world. It is going to rain over the next few days but after that it is going to be great. Have a safe trip.


North Carolina is a beautiful place to play. Weather will be on your side, and take 2 days to get there! Keep us posted as to what you are doing, and look forward to pictures! Have a great time!


Oh that would be so sweet Jack. I have always dreamed of visiting other countries. I can only wish :)
I will be driving to North Carolina. Not to far from the coast. and I hope the weather permits, I know I will be driving through the mountains. Its like a 13 hr drive.. I will take my time :) I will have the Lappy with me I can try to do my jigidi's on it.. and with my new camera hope to take some awesome pics :)


she comes to me Suzy, i take her out to Europe!


Where are your vacation (and your fine clean car!!!) taking you to, celeste?
Hope you have a great time, no matter where you go:)


No Son bought it new in 2004, needless to say it ended up being MY
but he does an awesome job with detail cleaning
Gettin ready for our vacation. :)


Did you just get it Celeste? Nice