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Swirling into a wonderful weekend :)) I

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Glad I could provide you with some entertainment Kirsten. :))


You had a busy day yesterday, Jill, and it's good to know that somebody so creative as you can find some enjoyment here. :)) Thanks for dropping by and for your enthusiastic comments. :))


Wowzer! That's a fantastic image you created there Dagmar! I love it. And the clarity is amazing. Thanks so much for the planetary, swirly fun! :)))


Wow!! This is fabulous, Dagmar. Thank you for such an enjoyable puzzle!


As I can see you have also been busy this afternoon PJ. :))

This was the typical image with spheres and I wanted to do something else so I put it into lots of "distortion filters" and that was the outcome. I must say I looks much more fun than the original one. :))

Thanks for your visit. :))


That really is a compliment ScreenPorchGirl :)) and I'm very happy that I could provide you with some fun. Thanks a lot for dropping by and you are always welcome. :))


This was wonderful Dohun - what a fun design. Is this a 'troll' translated into Spanish or a test painting gone digital??? Whatever - it is highly enljoyable.


So nice, I did it twice :-)


Thanks Ardy, I'll start at around half past five then. Thanks for your detailed description, with this it will be much easier to judge at what point the service is. It will be interesting anyway, as the catholic church services are so different from yours, everything will be new for me and I always love to learn something new. :)) Thanks for all the information. :))


Hi Dagmar, I was just checking the bulletin for tomorrow's service. You might want to try about 20 minutes earlier. There is a children's lesson followed by the morning hymn. After the hymn is the main prayer. This is our annual Festival of Praise where the members bring bags of groceries to church which are afterwards distributed to needy local families As part of the service the church presents a "caring Heart Ward" usually to a member of the community who has done a lot for it in some way. This will be followed by the choir anthem. Then a short scripture reading and the bells play. I'm telling you all this so you will know approximately where the service is in progress when you join us. Of course you are welcome to join in from the beginning at 11:15 our time The speaker tomorrow is tall, black and British. One of the fun things is after the sermon when the members bring the food bags to the front. This is my favorite service of the year.


Hi Ardy, Thanks for telling me about the bell choir, I calculated that is should be around six o'clock in the aftenoon here which means I shouldn't have any problem - except technical LOL - to see you live tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. :)) I'm happy that you had some fun with the swirls and see you tomorrow. :)) Have a wonderful day.


I adore reading fantasy stories Gail, and I hope that I'll have a more or less agreeable weekend with no work for the first time since August which will be wonderful. :)) Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself. :))


Oh, oh. I forgot to tell you that I really enjoyed this puzzle. Love the colors and love the swirls and orbs. Thanks so much. It's delightful.


Dagmar, I hope it will be a good weekend. My adult bell choir plays for church tomorrow. I can't guess what time it will be, probably around noon my time. If you want to try to listen it's then web TV. At least I think that's what it is. They keep changing the site. But I can let you know when they put it up in the video library with more exact time if you're interested. And don't feel like you need to be interested! If you try it live tomorrow and the sermon is in process, you've missed us as we shall be playing immediately before the sermon. Have a great weekend. Hope you can find a lot of Jigidi time.


Fantasy weekend coming right up!!! Super puzzle, Dagmar.