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"Gone to pot" is a "idiom". If something has gone to pot, it has gone wrong and doesn't work any more. A day where nothing has gone right; a day full of mishaps. A day where everything you tried to do ended up with no success. A day where one thing after the other went astray. A day when in trying to meet deadlines everything else got in the way. A day that should have been a day of success turned out to be a day of turmoil.

Today is set aside for people around the world to appreciate and get a good laugh out of a bad day or a bad week - when their plans have all "Gone to Pot"

So on this day we all need to tell our best stories so that everyone can get a big laugh out of it.

For example when you make some insignificant, but wrong choices. Such as when you get in the shortest line at the traffic lights and then the car in front of you breaks down, or when you go to the supermarket and join the shortest queue and the person in front of you decides she wants something else and you have to wait for ever while another member of staff goes to find it for her.

Things that are not the end of the world, but really annoying!!

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Wow - cindysings - what a wonderful comment you've left. Thank you so much for your feedback and I hope you enjoy finding the other Who Knew??? puzzles. I began doing them after I had a discussion with a friend about finding something to celebrate every day, but then got caught up in the weird and wonderful variety of (to me) unknown special celebration days that exist. I have great fun researching them and then finding images to enhance the celebration.

Hello there ~~~ I'm pretty new to the world of puzzles and I'm loving it!!! I just came upon a couple of your "Who knew???" puzzles and they are great!!! I usually do larger puzzles, but these are very special to me because they are good puzzles and I really enjoy the info you share. I am fascinated by idioms and trivia. I am so impressed by all the work you put into them. Thanks so much for sharing on a ongoing basis. Now, I'm going on a search for more of these puzzles!


Thanks Pat, glad you're chuckling!

Yes, Hanne, it's only funny afterwards and if it didn't lead to disaster!


You are right - they give you some good laughs - afterwards!! - sometimes, if the things weren't TOO bad!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Got to love this day ... Still chuckling .. Thanks Mandy


I love that you send these to your family and friends Rosie - I don't actually know about new laws in the US, but I could imagine where some people might think ahead!! Thanks so much for your appreciation :~)


Mandy, I'm another lover of WK puzzles and am still sending many of them to family and friends for their enlightenment. They also get a kick out of them and some of the responses I get to them are priceless. I also thought about this phrase as something gone to seed---useless in it's present state but maybe used in a different way. Interesting to think about another way to look at this phrase. I also thought about the new laws enacted in several states in the U.S. when I first saw this puzzle. Funny where our minds go sometimes or where the news of the day takes us. Thanks for all of your hard work--we appreciate it but don't always stop to say so.


Thanks shazzaannie, it's good to know you had a good chuckle, and that you understand both meanings of the term!

That's great to hear Katie, thanks :~)

That's an excellent term for it gemstone!! I wonder if it's also applicable to the "pot" belly that beer drinkers get?? LOL!!


Funny...I always thought "gone to pot" referred to midriff weight gain! LOL


Thanks for letting us know about this humorous day Mandy! I also really enjoy this series, but, like others, sometimes come and go quietly with nothing to add to a particular conversation.

This made me chuckle the images are so funny. I understand both meanings of the term and often seem to have a day that has gone to pot - but hey-ho that's life


Thanks Jan, no medicinal or other leaves around here!! I got all the images through Go-ogle if you want to find any for your puzzle series... I did think some of them deserved more "bandwidth" if you get what I mean!! I appreciate your feedback on these puzzles, thanks very much :~))


And here I thought it was related to new laws in Colorado and Washington! LOL

You have chosen some very funny items for the collage! So many of them would be perfect "Write a Caption" puzzles, too.

Thanks for this one and so many of the other wonderful puzzles you've posted in the "who Knew" slot.


Thanks so much John :~))


Graet puzz. and info thanks jb:-))


Thanks Barb, I did think about the implications of the P word on those people who grew up in the 70s, but steered clear of green leafy images!! I just checked my data base... this is actually the 92nd Who Knew puzzle I've posted!!! How time flies!!

Thanks Francine, I'm so happy to hear you look forward to these puzzles :~)))

I've always been a bit of a make do and mend person Magda, and hate to throw anything out that has a use left... even when clothes were worn out I would cut off zips and buttons and keep lots of the less worn fabric to make patchwork bedspreads!! I'm not keen on our current throw away society!!

Thank you PJ - its really good to hear from people who enjoy these puzzles, it does take time, but I enjoy doing the research, and it's so fun to be able to tell people what day it is... although I do get some weird looks at work!! It's great that you have a better understanding of "gone to pot" now - and have had a dose of laughter for your health today!!!

I love that phrase whatnauts... "Jigidi University" - it is a bit like that, I often learn new things from the puzzles and comments I read, and I love it!! Thank you too for your appreciation, and I'm pleased the preview is helpful for you too!!


I'm another one who always thought this meant the item was no longer any good. So thanks for bringing this Who Knew day to all of us at Jigidi University !!!

And thank you for continuing this series. I check out and solve the puzzle every day, but often don't have anything to add, particularly as I'm usually one of the last people to solve it. (I sometimes check out the preview, but generally don't solve until the next day.)


Congratulations with your big 70 Jubilee Day - Mandy - you are wonderful, I too appreciate that you spend time researching and creating funny and interesting Day-puzzles.

The images today are priceless - you know, laughing is good for ones health - so thanks again Mandy. My understanding was a bit off : like "gone down the drain - and lost" - After reading your comment Mandy, I revise my understanding - yours make more sense :-)


what you did Mandy, was recycling, before it was IN. In Pakistan local wool was no good, and imported too expensive. So we used to go to the second hand market, to buy hand knitted pullovers, undid them, to reknit. That was saving.LOL


Mandy, don't always leave comments but always look forward to solving your 'WK' puzzles and reading your informative and interesting descriptions. [Don't always have something to say...:))...]
~ Seventy! A lot of research done for us. :)) Thanks.
...I too knew the idiom as Ardy & Barb did.


I was reading the comments and I have always taken the meaning to be as Ardy said but I suppose that even something that seems useless can be made to be of use again. Now for anyone growing up in the 60s we could take it to mean something totally different. LOL!
Is this really your 70th Who Knew puzzle?? How wonderful! Do appreciate all of them, Mandy, thanks so much!!! :-)


Well I've done a bit more research Ardy, and from what I can see it is where something has gone wrong or worn out but can also be salvaged in some way... apparently old nails were put in a pot to go to be smelted again, also left over scraps were put into a pot to be boiled up again for the next meal. But your example is good, if you have plans to get on Jigidi and the internet won't let you... I'd definitely say the day has "gone to pot"!! It's good to hear you're still enjoying these puzzles, I did find myself wondering if people still do... only yesterday... so your comment is extremely timely! Thanks :~)

Thanks Magda, I haven't counted!! If your day has gone to pot like Ardy's example... well... it's really gone to pot!! I'm smiling hugely, I loved those wipes... I've never seen them in the shops though, but it's not something I've looked for!!


PS Love your bird dropping wipes!!


I think this is your 70. WK puzzle. What an enormous effort for all our enjoyment. Thank you very much Mandy. If a day goes to pot, one can always play on jigidi. Good for the nerves.


Mandy, this is an interesting and different meaning to the idiom. To me it has meant to become useless or not kept up properly like a lawn or a garden or a business even. Not really all that different. Maybe like not begin able to get on the internet to play on Jigidi? Thanks for another great Who Knew puzzle. I do love what you do each day. Hope you won't let it "go to pot."