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Puppys for Denise

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Thank you Ank, I'd like one she gave, but I have only the picture :-)))
Thank you Petsmom and Bookish(Francine?), I'm glad you like it


Every single one is adorable. Thanks Jana.


Thanks Jana, and you too Denise. I like your stories. And I like this photo, so lovely. Jana can I take one? lol


It is beautiful, that's what you have on the card, which I see?
My Akim was half a labrador and a half Golden Retriever, was the love between us, when I was sick, and had to be in the hospital, lying on balkone, didn't want to eat, go for a walk out, just waiting to come home, and then when I got back home, he could go mad with joy, he had 50 kg, was amazing, I'm still missing even if 5 years is not with me , thank you Denise


Lovely puppies Jana :-) Thanky you so much. These are Golden retrievers and grow up to be great dogs. I have one named Bentley and he is so gentle and sweet. My Bentley is very big and even so if I lie down with a headache or something, he jumps on the bed and doesn't move until I feel better. Always with a paw on my arm:-))

That's a litter. The one on the far right couldn't even fit in. Very cute.