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Rainbow Lorikeets at the feeder.

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At about 3pm every day they start screeching, so if my neighbour isn't ready with their seed, bread, honey and water mix, they stare at the kitchen window and some even hang off the guttering and stare into the kitchen!


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We certainly are lucky when it comes to Lorikeets Joanne - and I love that they are free. Thanks.
Thanks Dave!
They sure did Li - I guess there are lots of birds that do that around the world - but I'm pleased that we have them locally!! Thanks.


Funny -- they've certainly learned how to adapt to humankind!! Thanks, Robyn.


Same with Virginia, Joanne.


It is hard to image (for someone from B.C. ,Canada) that these colourful birds are wild and just fly free around at their leisure. Sadly, I would only expect to see something that beautiful here in a cage.


They sure do Shirley - I really like having them visit! Thanks.


They are noisy, but their bright colours and their antics make up for the noise, Thanks Rob.


Thanks Lyndee:))
There's always about 20 or so Jan - and they're fun to watch! Thanks.
That's sad pg - but you can share these!!! There's enough to go around!!


I had a lory, Red once and it died. Love these birds.


Wow! And I thought my 4 regulars were good! Very impressive!


You're right robyn......I read PM but my brain was thinking AM. Let them live!!!!


Yes chookie - I always know what the time is by their noisy carrying-on. They're fun to watch too! Thanks.
No way Lyndee - they're too pretty for that!!
Ami - there's a big bird park about 1 hour's drive from us - the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary & they have feeding sessions each day where hundreds of these birds come to feed on trays of food. You can hold the trays & the Lorikeets land on your head, arms etc while making the loudest noises! It's a real good photo opportunity - but lots of little kids end up screaming!!! can end up with bird poop in your hair!!!!


I love to see that!


3 PM! I think I would have bird pie!!!!!!


...and don't they make a racket? These colorful little beauties will sit on your shoulder, sit on your head or hang off your clothes if they know you've got food for them!! Good story, rob.