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Overlapping Hexagons Swirl

49 pieces
99 solves
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Larger version.


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But that's how we learned about things, by taking them apart and trying to put them back together. I knew my son, especially, was getting older and smarter when the things he put back together actually worked again! LOL! Thanks, Rosie. :-)))


Puzzlejac said what I was thinking. Those swirly-gigs on the sticks and we would blow on them to get them to swirl when there wasn't any wind. I loved them and would often take them apart to see how they worked and then staple them back together and be mad when they were permanently "broken". What a great kid I was! Love this puzzle and am off to solve. Thanks, Pat. Rosie


Thanks so much, Mandy!


Loved this idea, thanks Pat :~)


Thanks, Aishahm and Ank--it's certainly windy enough here where I am to spin in even through the internet... :-)))


A windmill for kids, love it.


No worries. I am headed for the larger version shortly. At least I should be able to make the board on that one. : )


Thanks, whatnauts, Aishah, and Ardy. Maybe I should try swirling pentagons next, and really shake up the US military! LOL! I don't know if anyone will want the large version, but that was an excellent idea that whatnauts had--not only does it save people from having to ask, but, since I've got the files right in front of me as I post this size, it's faster to make the large version right then and there. :-)))


The others have said it all. Thanks, Pat.


Pat, you wasted no time posting the large links with the puzzles. I really like that!


This is great, PD. I don't think I could have imagined swirled hexagons - wonderful idea :)))


Thanks, Edie, and Katie--actually, after I swirled it, I used "implode" to make the center collapse on itself more, because I didn't like the big empty space either! I do like the way it gets more frantic in the middle--sort of the way my mind works..... LOL!


I love how the swirl intensifies toward the middle! Thanks for the fun Pat!


No danger now of falling down into the black hole. It shrunk considerably while getting swirled. Thanks Pat, I enjoyed that.