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Silly Loony Octopus (Large)

256 pieces
126 solves
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Guillian, I think, not Guillaume...


Oh, I saw my last comment, and I should update that. Bob also saw the doctor, and she wants him to see a neurologist, because she thinks it's Guillaume-Barre (spelling?) that's causing it, and he should have neurological tests, not blood work. Her explanation made sense--the nerves are clearly involved, because his normal pain problems (he needs an ankle replacement and more knee work and has bad arthritis) were much better the past few days, because the nerves were not firing right, so the pain lessened. (Layman's terms...). Now I have to get him to go...!


Oh, darn, I saw this too late! The doctor "sticked" me already and all I said was"Ahhhhh", not "No!"...... That's where I was yesterday--there or sleeping... I now have bronchitis so I may not be here much again today, either, but at least now I have antibiotics to help with that. Thanks so much, siouxzn!


Pd, don't let the doctor put that stick on your tongue til you find out who ate the ice cream off. :-) Seriously, feel better and liquids!!!


Thanks, jranders and Kathy--he brightened up my day! Unfortunately, he didn't do much for my cold, which is much worse (Lordy, do I EVER stop complaining?!), and I'm trying to get an appointment, just to make sure it hasn't turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. I don't get many colds, but when I do, they have a nasty habit of turning, well, nasty! And my husband has this wired illness he gets after a cold. They think it's a latent virus that is always in him, but that comes out when he's rundown from an illness. He can't move, almost literally--it's a supreme effort to lift his arms or keep his head up or walk a few steps. They've been telling him for years to get blood work done when he's in the middle if a recurrence, but of course that's the last time he wants to go anywhere... I'm trying to convince him to come with me to our family doc--at least they can start the blood work process, and he'll be closer to getting help.

Sorry for all the poor pitiful Pat plaints! But this way you'll know why if I'm not around much today... Thanks for listening, and for commenting!


This was lots of fun to solve as a large puzzle - super! Sorry you're feeling poorly again... take it easy and get better!

Lively octopus. I think your circles and oblongs got a bit queasy themselves and out popped this colorful character. I hope you feel better but keep your 'feel better' companion around.


I agree, Hanne--he's a jolly good fellow octopus, indeed! Thanks!


Oh Pat, it's a FINE octopus, like it very much!! Thanks so very much, it was fun!!


I know exactly what you mean, siouxzn. I haven't been on much again today, because my cold is now worse and I'm queasy, but I had to come back to see what else was posted and what people had to say...! Thanks so much--I'm glad you didn't see the red roach heads Robbie saw on the small one yesterday...!


Thanks pd for a morning occupied by octopi. Tentacles, with suction cups, are nothing compared to the hold that jigidi has on me. :-)