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Beautiful Ending for a Difficult Day

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I would love to send you some beautiful sunrises/sunsets, milady but Mother Nature isn't cooperating here in Mo. Either no clouds or overcast. Makes me appreciate them more when I do see them.


Yep, Susie, it is the Universe that relieves me and delights and thrills me in ways nothing else can. All that Is and all that we Are is so amazing. There have been issues that absolutely wouldn't get resolved, and just when I really wondered the big Why and When, I got a few answers. If nothing else, life is incredibly interesting - I just happen to prefer the happy and amazing Interesting over the dark and seemingly helpless Interesting - hmmmmmmmmmm Geeee, that clinches it - I'm definitely human. Thanks a lot for the support Susie. Back to you whenever you need it. I do enjoy this jigidi fun.


This is very lovely, and soothing, Kate. One of the things that always helps me get past the heavy load that seems to be attached to all things, is losing myself in the paradise that I live in and allowing "Mamita Terra" to take the burden for a while. This IS a lovely gift. I hope this helped you too. Cyber-hugs :o)


Thanks Sis and JC - not the flashiest or most brilliant sunset but a lovely gift. Glad you liked it.


Really nice sunset, milady!


Beautiful - thanks for sharing :-)