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Landscape By Kathy Potts

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I have taken some time off from Jigidi so that I could work on painting. So much still to learn. Fun at times and aggravating at others.

I know everything isn't correct in the above. I can always make changes as I saved it to file along the way. Everything is hand painted and I did not use any clip art. Have to say it was a definite challenge :-) Looking forward to one day getting a tablet and pen. Should help as this one was done with the touch pad any my finger on my laptop.


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It is definitely a challenge trying this out :-)))))) Still have tons and tons to learn and I am glad you guys don't mind my experiments!!!!! Thanks so much Leet, Thanhtruc, Karen and Rosie for doing the puzzle. I am always open to suggestions :-))))) And Karen and Rosie, after getting the trunk of the tree drawn out, I had a hard time convincing myself that it needed leaves as I didn't want to cover up the branches LOL LOL It was indeed neat to learn how to get the water to splash over the rocks :-)))))))

And Rosie, yes indeed, this was done on the computer. It is all new to me too. There are some really advanced programs out there like Corel Painter 3X which even show your brush strokes. It can produce some amazing things but I have not been able to figure it out thus far. I have no earthly idea how to blend and mix colors with paint or watercolor. Still trying to master some of the older free programs that I have. The above was done using a very old version of Adobe Photoshop. Still tons of stuff to learn on it.


This is painting on the computer??? Didn't know you could do this kind of painting using a computer. I can't paint with paint and canvas and would never be able to do this any other way. Trees always look so intricate and I used to enjoy watching my son draw trees because he made it look so easy. Wish I had half your talent. I've missed your puzzles and am glad to see you back. This is beautiful, Kathy. Keep on experimenting and I'll keep on enjoying your works.


I'm enjoying your new endeavor. Trees are difficult to draw aren't they? I especially like the way you painted the water with the splashes of water hitting the rocks.



Thanks for the interesting puzzle.