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Collage: Medium

81 pieces
471 solves
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I created the images in this collage.


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I really likes this puzzle. Willy is right ~ it's a best-seller. Thanks, Gail.


Thank you, Willy. I'm glad so many people like it:)


This puzzle is already a bestseller because it's a fun to solve,


I'm amazed at the number of people who solved this puzzle. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ardy.


Gail, I thought I checked here before going off last night but I must not have because I didn't find this until this morning. Love it. I really enjoyed it. I usually look at Barb's time,add almost twice as much, and figure that's what it will take me to solve. But I did this in 4:22 which must have been close. The time is immaterial as far as I'm concerned but it's fun to play with. Over 400 solves. Lots of us enjoyed this. Thanks, Gail.


Ah, yes, the blue row. I'm partial to that row myself:) And I don't worry about time either.


Another lovely collage, Gail, thanks. Not sure why I was so slow (over 4 minutes) when it felt like I was sailing along. But as I've always said, it's more important enjoying, which I did, rather than worrying about how long it takes. Love the middle row! :-)