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Zeriscaping 6

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This is one of the photos I took of my neighbors' zeriscaped yard here in southeastern Arizona. They were for one of the first editions of my column in our local newspaper back in 2004. I will publish ten photos to Jigidi over the next few days. If you would like to read about their yard please let me know and I will post the article on my website.


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fodus, it doesn't really represent anything. It's a piece of sheet metal, but I don't remember what it used to be. When I look at this, I enjoy how the lights and shadows change the way it looks through the day and find it interesting.

However, it also has historical and cultural significance in our area. We live in a rural, ranching and farming community with a lot of "American Western" history. Think Tombstone and the OK Corral. Think Cochise and Geronimo. Think Wyatt Earp, et. al. Think the Buffalo Soldiers. Think Fort Huachuca. And a lot more. Many of the farmers and ranchers who live on dirt roads named after their families are the descendents of the pioneers who came here in the early 1800's.

Many of the items found by my neighbors and used to decorate their low maintenance, low water, no grass yard, may be interesting only to those who live here and/or care about the history of our "American West".


What is this supposed to represent?


very nice pic again LauraMc