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Rotated Triangles Waving

49 pieces
158 solves
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Thanks so much, Mandy, Katie, PJ, and whatnauts--I only hope that I can do this again... I left a comment on the Reflections of the Back-to-Back Swirl puzzle, explaining how tonight, not only was I unable to make any puzzle reflect the way that that one did, even the one I did last night (!), but that this option of waving/flapping wasn't even LISTED anymore......Darn, I hope this works again, because I think it's so cool!


What fun - pennants waving in the wind. Sounds like a warm summer day which is always a happy thought in wintery January!


How festive and fun, Pat. Like lots of banners waving in a tournament - a happy one, with such fun colors.


I like that even the top and bottom borders are waving! I'd say these are signaling a welcome to the January thaw!


I'm sure its a happy message too!! Thanks Pat.


Thanks, Mandy, Judy, Ardy, and wilddog! This was another animation that I caught by saving it, and I think it's fun, too! I figured the triangles were a good candidate for it, because they looked like pennants fluttering in the breeze. I have no idea what they're signaling, but I'm sure it's a happy message! :-)))


Very interesting with the wave.


And long may they wave. Thanks, Pat. I like waving triangles.


You do so like geometry, Pat! This is great. It looks like each flag is bursting through another, giving it an energetic feel to it! Keep em comin" my friend.


Thanks Pat - although my semaphore is a bit rusty!!!