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Friesland, Towns and villages, Bakkeveen.

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A beauty indeed, the winter photos are mine. This is one.


That's a very rural, peaceful scene. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Jan and Suzy, it's lovely indeed. I know the problem Jan.


A very peaceful setting, Ank.


I remember roads like this here. It was so nice just to travel with no speeding cars around and enjoy the views.Runny late today and barely had time to do mush of these puzzles.


Hi Jan, Hanne and Cathy. It's so nice that you walk with Elly and me. I hope you are dressed warm, because it was very cold. Thanks girls


A wonderful picture! Thank you Ank. Yes, I am enjoying this walk with you.


Lovely countryside!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


It is a lovely walk. So peaceful and beautiful. Thanks, Ank!


I'm glad you do, so enjoy me on the walk.


Lovely. I feel quite at home in this kind of scenery.


Hi Jana Denise Monica Patty and Sandy. It's a nice view indeed, we came out of the wood and this was what we saw. Lovely.
Monica I know, I lived close to a farm and as child I often went there to play. The farmer liked to give my friend and I small works. We loved it. I even have learn milking cows, with the hand.
Poor Jana, snow snow and snow. And -10 with that wind, terrible. Stay in as much as possible. At this moment 2:00 PM we have 0C (32F) the wind is cold.
Friends I'm glad you like it.


I love the country scene Ank.


Beautiful picture thanks Sis


Good morning Ank! This is a very lovely scene! It reminds me very much of a place where I used to go visit as a child in Georgia! My best friends parents owned a small farm with lot's of different animals, and boy did they smell bad, especially the sheep and the goats! L.O.L. But it was lot's of fun because they would let us help with all of the chores of the animals! As a child, that was considered to be lots of fun, not work! Thanks so much for posting this pic as it helped bring back a very special memory that I thought was long gone!...Hugs:)))


Good morning Ank. A lovely country side picture, with the sheep and tall trees. Like it a lot. Have a good day:-))


Good morning my dear Ank. Thank you, that you liked yesterday the view on Prestice.
Today is - 10 °C, strong icy winds and new snow falls. Snow is still falling all
Saturday and Sunday. Spring, as the Texasstar will be hear for two months soon :-(((
Have a nice day with a smile. Thank you for a lovely place for a walk. big hugs :-))))