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Boddington Cottage, Hale Lane, Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Photo by Chris Reynolds

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Boddington House is a large Victorian style country house with a range of outbuildings. It is typical of rural developments close to rail links to London that appeared in the area about 100 years ago. The house has been subdivided and the buildings converted to housing. This building appears to be a converted stable block. Note the hoist originally installed to take sacks of grain, etc, to the first floor.

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You're welcome 48. An excellent redevelopment and well cared for...Sue


I think it is a wonderful place and a great re-use for the stables. Thanks for posting!


I wouldn't mind this at all, a very good conversion. I wonder if the garage was the horses entrance. Thanks kevin and Joyce, I think we all agree a very nice building indeed...Sue


I would love to have this house, old stable or not, it's beautiful. Thanks Sue!!! :)))
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If you have to live in a former stables, this doesn't look bad at all. Thanks, Sue - kevin.