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Lupins or Lupines

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: )))))
in North Vancouver, Canada
for Warbler !!!
... and Li, Jim, Laurajane, Lorna, Agnes, Ank and Suzy !!!


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Thank you Denise! Very sweet of you to say that !! Hug!

Thank you Kathy!! You are kind ! : )))


Cathie, continuing to love all your posts, thanks.


Beautiful Lupins cathy:-)
You do take such good photos:-)Hugs


Thank you for your note Dave. Maybe I could put your name on the list to adopt a little community garden. Most people live in the neighbourhood. Some folks actually live in apartments that look down on the gardens!! But, hey, the USA and Canada are neighbours so why shouldn't you have a garden here !?! I'll see what I can do!! ....... Now, who on earth would arrange bales of hay into the shape of a question mark !!!!!! : ))))))


Boy, I wish I could grow these(white ones ARE beautiful!). I saw them by the back door of a farmhouse in Nebraska probably in 1969-70 in full bloom and I've had a fixation on them ever since. And I've never lived in the right place to grow them. Are their any small plots of land for lease up/over by you? Like 2ft X 3ft.? :-) It would be a reason to come to your part of the world! And no more crazy than arranging round bales of hay in the shape of a question mark, for a farmer! Thanks Cathy!


Hi Suzy! Yes, I like the white ones too!! Now are vegetables demanding your attention!?! : )))


The white ones are just wonderful! How nice that you met the gardener of this pretty garden. Mine are about done for the season, now I have a garden of pods. :)


Thank you Ank!! I'm glad you like these flowers!!


Lovely Cathy, thanks.


Ahoj Agnes!!! Dekuji ! : )


Sympathetic corners with lupins


Thank you Laurajane and Lorna! I'm glad you are enjoying this garden too.


Beautiful, and it looks a lovely garden too.


Lupines are one of most favorite flower. Thank you so much for posting them.


You are very welcome Jim!


Thank you Li ! Yes, this house has a very pretty front garden! I met the owner-gardener once and she is very nice. : )


I love lupines, Cathy. Ours around here in the fields are blooming, too. This one is very pretty. Thanks.