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Orange Yellow Pink Grid Loonied

49 pieces
162 solves
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Nice, Gail, thanks a lot...! LOL! No, I don't even know what that is. (Now there's a surprise, right?!). I did it the way I wrote below, with alternate harsh lightning and embossing. That combo tends to create not just new colors, but double sections of colors where I had only one--that's why the orange has the dark squares, and, if you look closely, the magenta has orangey-pink squares. I never know what LunaPic will change it too, color-wise!


I just checked it, Lajuin, and will definitely watch the video! Thanks for getting this out to the Jigidi community!!!


The things a Loonie can do when you hand her a laptop and mouse! Was this the HDR effect? I use that one in nearly every one of my puzzles.


Hi pd - Please see my puzzle

I want a million looks even if not solves


Thanks, Ardy and Mandy! :-)))


Lovely lunapic transformation, thanks Pat :~)


Fun, Pat. Thanks. Makes me think of teaching graphing in math class!


Thanks, Katie! I made one last night with the colors Barb suggested, so that will be coming up soon, too. :-)))


I love this loonied grid Pat! Great colors! I'm so glad you have such fun making these, because I have fun solving them!


Thanks, Barb and Aishahm! This is the same grid I made for Katie, but I used LunaPic with its harsh lighting and embossing, and it managed to turn pink into navy blue, and orange into black-centered squares! I have no idea what algorithms LunaPic uses to decide what an embossed color will change into, but it's always a fun surprise! :-)))


Pat, keep the grids coming.


I really do enjoy these grid puzzles, Pat, even though I think of them as crazy crosswords. Thanks for a fun solve. :-)