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Water Tower in Edwardsville, IL

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In the 1890s plumbing manufacturer N.O. Nelson established Leclaire Village, which is now the Leclaire Historic District. Originally outside Edwardsville's city limits, the village was annexed into Edwardsville during the 1930s.


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You are welcome, Cathy and Pat!


Love the history thanks Laurajane


Laurajane, thank you very much for the extra information. It sounds like a wonderful tree in its own irritating way!!


Cathy, they start out soft and green...and small. Then they turn into monsters. Brown and full of spikes! Then they drop off and cover your lawn. But do they do it all at once? Nooooo! They fall off little by little, so you end up raking them up for weeks....and weeks. I must admit, they are beloved for their gorgeous fall color. I have one in the front of my house I really do love it.


I like it too laurajane. And I have never heard of sweetgum balls!! So maybe a close up of those next time would be good. Please and thank you!


Ho hum...maybe there will be something exciting to take pictures of tomorrow. Thanks for your nice comments...Ank, pumpkin and morris.


Well said Ank!!! I like like the water tower and i really like that you gave the history of it. Well done, laura!!


The sweetgum ball jumped right out at me! Really like this picture. Take an everyday thing, and transform it into a fine puzzle!


Thanks Laura, I have laugh for that comment. PG did tell you once, just look around, there is always something. And there is. I like this tower.
Walk to the corner of the street, and make a photo, turn to the right and do the same, turn to the left and you have one more. Houses, parts of the street, it's all nice. We never saw it. It does not have to be something special. Go on friend. Hugs.


I was running out of things to take a picture of. Nice sweetgum balls in the upper left corner, though.


At least they will know where they hid the water tower.