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TILE 1129 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
126 solves
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Trouble, here's a good Christmas spirit recipe: 2/3 cup hot cocoa (my favorite is Penzey's hot chocolate), a shot of a nice dark Jamaican rum (I like Meyer's) and a generous splash of eggnog. Try it sometime...delicious!


lol . . . thank you Buckeye . . . I did see that you had called in on the smaller size . . . :D)

Hi Jan . . . and thank you so much. Sorry it was a little more difficult than usual but as long as you enjoyed the journey.
Thank you also for the comment on my new profile pic . . . I thought I'd better make a start on the Christmas spirit . . . whisky first methinks . . . lol


I was too daunted...I went to the smaller version through the link! And can you tell...Jan is co-president of the OFC!


Hard, but dang it, so worth it! Trouble this is gorgeous. All my favorite colors. All the 3D I love! A twisty turny design. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, your new profile photo is wonderful! Thanks so much!!


A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on