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Spring Shed

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You're most welcome, Sue! Glad you enjoyed them.


Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.


We have water bans, too, Nicky. Your feeling about being surrounded by water (and not a drop to drink, Remember the Albatross?) is the same way I feel about our gas prices, when we're one of the biggest oil producing states! Go figure.


This looks like a typical English country garden. I have some of these flowers in my own garden but, alas, no shed. I do have to stand with the hosepipe watering the parched garden in the Summer. We sometimes have a hosepipe ban - even if we get a lot of rain! Weird, when you think that little old England is surrounded by water - you'd think the govt would've sorted out desalination by now!


You're so right, Nellies! In summer, I have dreams of standing there with a water hose in my hand waving it around! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.


texasstar, your photo is so beautiful, but so hard to keep those beauties blooming in the soaring temps.


But I do sympathize with those who are sick of the snow, ice and winter in general. I just wish we would have some before the burning summer days show up. It would be a nice memory!


I am filled with conflicting emotions, on one hand I love spring and can't wait to plant and dig in the dirt, but on the other hand, after having 88 degrees today, March 4, I wonder what summer has in store. From the looks of it, spring is going to last about 15 minutes this year!!!


This looks like a nice spot to wander & do a little weeding. We have sunshine today for the first time in over 10 days!! Our rain gauge recorded 12 1/2 " (315mm) over this week & a half, so I'm really enjoying it!!


Thanks for this one Tex, its beautiful.


Wow that is so pretty
I cant wait for things to start blooming and turning green again :)


GNT, I cannot imagine, when our temp topped out today at 88, that you could possibly get 6" of snow. How I wish we'd get that. But maybe not, spring is all around us here, with trees & other plants in full bloom, it would be sad if they all froze now. Chickie, I'd love a setup just like this as well. Thanks, Bloorox, Denise, GNT, CM, Smllpkg, Laurajane, Ank & my Honey Jacques! Glad to see all of you.


i love spring my dear, beautiful pic!


Awww, love it. We had Spring today, so nice.


I would love to have this, too! Looks like a lush piece of land.


How pretty!


I would love that garden and shed. Thanks tex.


great photo but weather here is not looking good ...sun is shinning here right now but they are saying 6 inches of snow by tueaday night.


very pretty tex, everyone seems to be getting sun today in the northern hemisphere, so warmer days will come soon. We have had some rain today, cooled off a little YAAAAY...........denise


Ouch! That's not good either! I think I'll stick to our constant 50s temp, thank you :-)


Oh, Bloorox, wish you were here, we're setting a record, and it's supposed to be 85 today, then drop off into the 50's tomorrow! Texas weather!


I miss the sun and warm days!... The sun is back already, but not warming up enough just yet :(
Thanks for a beautiful photo, Tex!