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Merry Chickmas to Everyone on Jigidi, may you have your best Christmas ever, and a Peaceful New Year, Thank you for all the fun

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Francine, I LOVE that idea... of being puzzle rich.... bring it on!! and thanks :~)


Merry Christmas, Mandy.
Here's wishing you a healthy, happy and puzzle rich new year


Thank you Kirsten, and ditto back to you.. :~)))


Merry Chickmas to you too, Mandy! Thanks for the fun, and beauty you shared with us this year. I hope your Christmas is spent with the people you love, good food and lots of laughs. Somehow I think my hope is going to come true! :)))


Gosh Jan, when I replied to Pat, I did not see your comment... it must have been delayed somehow as it really wasn't here!!! I'm glad you've enjoyed a laugh from this puzzle, and may you have many more in the coming days.... its the best medicine!!


LOL - Pat I love the idea of "Small Pecker" for a boy band!!!! I was surprised to find that record player has a chicken motif on it... I didn't remember that, although I am sure my children had an FP one when they were little... its amazing how technology has moved on... we used to watch Sesame Street every day during and after lunch, and it always sent me to sleep!!! Thanks for your Merry wishes :~)


Ho! Ho! Ho! and a MERRRY Christmas, Mandy! May you be with loved ones and have lots of laughter! This puzzle makes me laugh, for sure!


A little something for everyone! Love it! (Just got one of my grandsons a plastic Sesame Street "CD" player that is the 2012 version of the Fisher Price "record" player you have here, complete with a bunch of plastic CD's instead of records!). (Not quite sure if either came with a tune by Small Pecker, although that would be a good name for a boy band...). LOL!

Merry Christmas to you, too, Mandy!


Yes, A3ana - I have a green man on the back of my winter coat!!! Love it!!

Thanks whatnauts, for faithfully visiting and leaving encouraging comments :~)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it Hester, but more of a cluck than a hoot, perhaps??? LOL


What a hoot, Mandy! Great puzzle! And a fun, love and laughter filled Christmas to you, too! :-)))


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, monza. Fun puzzle :)


I'm glad you love my green man avatar!! :~)
Enyoy yoyr eggs :-)


dogmon - how lovely that I chose images that would remind you of yours... maybe you shouldn't tell yours that their family members were seen in public wearing Christmas hats!! LOL

thanks gemstone :~)


Hee hee. And a very Merry Chickmas to you and your loved ones. :D


The hen on the left bottom (wearing the red/green hat) looks just like our Lucy and Ethel. The beautiful rooster looks like our Eric. Very fun!


Yes, Wendy, I see you're still on the board... and it's such a privilege to have you solve a puzzle I've even taken a screenprint!! Oh, all the credits I've got are in drachma... it might be a while before I get credits in USD - I'll try to think of something!! :~)

Thank you leet - for taking time to stop and comment and for your good wishes... :~)

You have made a very fun puzzle for us. Good wishes for your holiday!


And did you see....I'm actually on the board....for now, anyway.
No, drachmas are not OK. I want USD.


Yay!!! 12 pieces was the smallest it would go... and I had you in mind when I opted for that!!! Its wonderful to see you on the board :~)
Are Drachma OK??? - LOL


I'm going to come back to this one shortly and solve it so that I can see it up close and personal. Oh geeeez, it's only 12 pieces. I'll solve it now.
You don't need to tick the Attribution box; just send me money.


If only I'd thought earlier, I could have made it official by ticking the Attribution box... :~)


Well then, Mandy, I might just as well take ALL the credit then. hehehe


Thank you Wendy, I'm delighted you've visited and love this puzzle... you should share some of the credit... as it was an idea you initially gave me several months ago LOL :~)


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Mandy! :-)


Thank you PJ - I'm glad you enjoyed my fun card... I've enjoyed getting to know you over recent months, and look forward to solving many more of your puzzles next year.

Thank you A3ana, I love your green man avatar!! :~)

Thanks Katie, I hope you enjoyed your eggs!!! LOL


Thanks Mandy! Such a fun Christmas wish! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas too! And now I think I'm in the mood to have eggs for breakfast....


Merry Chickmas to yoy to hahaha


Mandy - Love your beautifully fun card! Thank you for your friendliness and all the other fine and interesting puzzles you create. Merry Christmas to you as well.


Thank you Barb, and ditto back to you!!! :~) LOL


And a very Happy Christmas to you, Mandy, and all the best in the New Year!
And many thanks for the wonderful puzzles which you created. :-)