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Swirl In Mimi's Colors (Redviolet/Blueteal)--I Hope! (Smaller)

42 pieces
85 solves
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Ooops--sorry, I missed your comment--thanks so much, Edie! You actually do your chores BEFORE you solve puzzles? Wow.........! LOL!


Love this swirly design and the colours are great. A good puzzle to do with my coffee now that my morning chores are done.


Thanks, roerick--then you wouldn't mind chartreuse, brown, and purple?! :-)))


I don't care what colors you use as long as you keep these swirly-dirly puzzles coming. They are so much fun to solve.


Thanks, Ardy and Barb--I made this right after Mimi menti9oned the colors, but I thought it would be nicer for Valentine's Day with the colors. Maybe it's a miniature golf theme park, with each hole being a different holiday! :-)))


Great colour combo, Pat! I love it!!! Just playing catch up because I was out all morning. Also just missed the board at 2:15. :-)


Lovely colors for a swirl, Pat. The center makes me think of a hole on a miniature gold course. (Mini golf because they are the ones with colorful surroundings and holes.) I keep expecting to see a ball rolling in any minute. Thanks, Pat. Lots of fun today.


Oops, that would be "fame"! LOL!


Thanks so much, Katie--I love working with suggestions, because I tend to get stuck on color ruts, and other people have such interesting combos that I would never have thought of!

It's funny, but I'm still listed as first when you look at the thumbnail, I guess because I was the first to hit that time. I'm never sure how Jigidi decides to place people with the same time on the board, though... Ah, well, flame is fleeting..... :-)))


Oooh! This is a lovely color combination! Thanks for using suggestions from your fans Pat! I see you and Jan are still near the top...I'm pretty sure I'll be falling off later.


Oooops! Sorry about that! But I bet that I won't last, either!

Thanks, Jan--I always add "I hope" to ones that I claim are someone's favorite colors, because I'm never sure if what I think of as a color that matches the words they use is the same color that they are thinking of with those words..... :-)))


Wonderful colors - Thank you Pat! And thank you, Mimi for suggesting them. This is a beautiful color pallete!
And, the secret to being the fastest on your puzzles, is to be in the first 5 to solve it! LOL Won't last long!