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just feeling sad because I just lost my Mom

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I love that you posted this puzzle. Rarely will you have to doubt Jigidi friends.
Hugs for you. Marilyn


My mom has been gone more than 9 years, and just today I thought "I need to send Mama this recipe." It will get easier, but she will never completely go away. And that's a good thing. Hugs!


The love of a parent is a special bond, and will always be there. Hope you are thinking of fond memories.


Kind thoughts and prayers are with you. May you hold her memory safe in your heart. It's so difficult now, but it will get easier with time. Sherry


I totally agree with everyone's comments, especially Gemstone's. I give you this short sentiment I read somewhere:
"Death leaves a memory no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal."
You'll always miss her, but you'll never lose what she gave you!


We all face it at one time or another. I hope all your memories of her are good ones.


So sorry for your loss Suzy. It's been eight years now since I lost mine and I still miss her.....but it does get easier. The memories will began to make you happy instead of sad. Hugs


Sorry for your loss. I know how empty we feel when this happens, but time heals all.

Praying Gods' peace for you and His joy will be felt by you as you remember all the happy memories you made with your mom.


Thank you everyone. I was not sure if I should put it up on here but you all seem like such kind people. Thank you everyone. Hugs,Suzy


i am 72 and still miss my mom, died in 1985


That's some tough stuff. Feel better


My mum has been gone twelve years and I just quoted her to my husband last night. There is still a little feeling of emptiness but much gratitude that I had the parents I did and I KNOW I will see them again. Take heart and be gentle with takes time to heal.


So sorry, Suzy. Hugs.

if you keep her in your heart she will always be with you


BTW, I have this "empty chair" saying as my screen saver, except with a porch chair.


Oh Suzy, I am so very sorry. I still ache, missing my Momma, everyday, after 9 years. It does get easier on you, but the journey is long.
I'll be thinking of you........


She' s in your heart. Sorry for your loss.