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The Colours of Nature's Comeback :)) II

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Hola, cuanto tiempo sin verte. :))) Me alegro mucho que te hayan gustado las fotos de Castroserna. Espero que de vez en cuando te gusta algun puzzle mio, pero también hay un montón de otros puzzles my bonitos que quizá te gusten más. :))
Buenas noches y que duermas bien.


Ha sido muy bonito. Gracias por ponerlo en el juego. De los puzzles me ha gustado mucho.


I'm trying to get over and visit more often!! :)))


Thanks Deborah, it's nice to know that you like my nature photos and patterns. All these photos were taken here in the Guadarrama mountains near Madrid. Thanks for your visit and you are always welcome. :))


This is just lovely!!! Thank you!!! :))) Deborah


Sorry to hear about your hand. As I don't know how the real situation is I can't really give advice, but perhaps sometimes a drastic solution like an operation will give you back the use of your hand and you can do again so many things that you can't do now. As every person is different you never will know if it would work with yourself until you try. But that is easy to say for me, as it isn't me who has to do it.

Whatever you do, I hope that it will get better again soon. :))


Well, I look forward to seeing more photographs, but I love your creations and can certainly understand why you'd rather do what you do the majority of the time.

I hate my hand. It was actually doing fine for a few days (comparatively speaking), but last night, and then today, it's killing me again. I've tried just about everything other than having an operation, and after reading so many online websites where people have had an operation, I have no intention of taking the chance. As far as feeling better otherwise, I'm feeling 100% better, thank you. :-)


Thanks Wendy, one day when I have time I would love to post puzzles with my photos, I have got so many of them after more than thirty years photographing especially nature in general and flowers in particular but at the moment I can only dedicate my time to one project and I love creating the other puzzles more than sorting out photos and posting them. So the "Colours of Nature" will be the only photos at them moment. :))
Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. :)) How is your hand coming along? I see that you are posting again, so I suppose that you must feel a bit better. :))


Dagmar, the thumbnail and this preview pane do not do your collage justice. It's incredibly beautiful after clicking on "Solve puzzle."


Thanks so much to you Hanne, it's always nice to see you here and read your lovely comments. :))


It's a VERY wonderful mosaic, Dagmar, I enjoy ever square of it!! Thanks so very much!!