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PLEASE donate to a non-profit that will help our People along the East Coast

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Mimi, I feel so sad and helpless as I see the anguish in the eyes of those people. I thought this puzzle might, perhaps, result in some donations. You are welcome, my friend!


Thanks so much for this puzzle Jill. As a Katrina survivor (though we were fortunate, all we needed was a new roof), I know how much is needed - especially prayers. I think the Salvation army is a wonderful way to go. I hope all the church groups across the country who were our main help will rally around the North East too. Some groups are still coming for much devastation remains.


It is heartbreaking, Shirley! I hope this puzzle will remind some that there is a way to help these people. No donation is too small. Perhaps some of your contribution money will reach our shores, dear friend!


I donate to several agencies, maybe they will send some relief to the devastated areas, We see some of the devastation on our news here in Australia and my heart goes out to all.


I don't live on the east coast but, like everyone else, I am grieved by the scenes that have been shown on TV! I will join you in saying "God be with you all"! Thanks, Nanax4. I agree, Salvation Army is an excellent agency. There are many agencies that will offer help to those in the north east


Salvation Army is my choice to donate to. Hope they get lots of donations. God be with you all!