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The Spring - or Vernal - Equinox is celebrated when the length of the day and the night are equal. This happens twice a year, at Spring and Autumn Equinox. The event has been celebrated by cultures throughout history as a time of new life. It derives its name from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).

Spring Equinox represents fertility and creation. This is a time to review and renew every part and aspect of our life. This is also a time to renew our relationships with a clear thought and perspective.

This 2013 March equinox comes on Wednesday, March 20 at precisely 11:02 Universal Time. That's the standard time in Greenwich, England, and it marks a single time for this equinox as noted from a whole-Earth perspective - when the sun stands directly overhead as seen from Earth's equator.

But, as always, our clocks will say different times. What this time means in the United States is that the equinox comes in early morning hours on March 20. It'll be only 4:02 a.m. PDT on the U.S. west coast - and 1:02 a.m. in Hawaii. Meanwhile, the spring equinox will happen at 7:02 a.m. EDT (around sunrise) according to clocks on the U.S. east coast. One event - different time zones and different times on the clock - when the sun crosses the celestial equator, bring this equinox to all of us around the globe.

Feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT) tonight when I will post a link for tomorrow's celebration!


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Well whatnauts and Wendy - I seem to remember being brought up with a phrase "Mother knows best!!" I can't say I think it's true, but what else can we do but wait?? Maybe she's got distracted solving puzzles somewhere?? LOL!!


Exactly, whatnauts! Why doesn't the weather keep a calendar? It snowed today.


Thank goodness spring has finally arrived. Now someone needs to tell mother nature to cooperate!! Thanks, monza.


Thanks Pat - to you too!

Thanks Rosie - I never knew I would be an educator in my old age!! LOL!

Thanks PJ - I'm pleased you enjoyed the info, and lucky you having experienced Stonehenge :~))


Gorgeous and wonderful images, Mandy - and the info was very interesting. Thank you very much for posting this reminder. I was lucky to visit Stonehenge years ago - it is a most interesting place, and I felt a strong sense of old 'spirit'.


Happy Spring, Mandy and thank you for another wonderful and informative puzzle. You continue to give us solvers so much fun and an education to boot. Rosie


Happy Spring to you Mandy....


Thanks Katie - I'm another person who loves getting more daylight. When I don't have to go to work and come home in the dark is always a day for huge celebration!!!

Thanks Edie - it's good to have hope... it will be warmer eventually!!!

Thanks shazzaannie - I've only ever driven past Stonehenge, although I would love to visit one day. I think the druids have to get special dispensations now to get within the safety fences as access is quite limited for fear of vandalism!!

Thankfully we've had no snow for the past week, but more is forecast!!! It has been warmer here thankfully :~)))

That's really good to hear Magda, Spring is on the way if you have snow-bells and primroses - I'm waiting!!


We are having a beautiful spring day, it is not very cold and snow-bells and primroses are coming out in the gardens. I would really not like to be in your part of the world now, with still snow. It snowed also 2 days ago, but just a little bit to scare us. So, if Spring is in Europe, it will also come soon to America and Canada. A little bit more patience is required, that's all.


Cheers Mandy, on a still wintry-feeling day with snow-covered rooftops. [Hurry up, Spring!]
...I really enjoy this series; thanks.

Beautiful images to mark the equinox. I've visited Stonehenge, but didn't see any druids, although I have to say it felt very mystical there.


We live in hope, because there's not a heck of a lot else we can do. Thanks Mandy


Terrific images to celebrate vernal equinox Mandy! I'm so happy to be having more daylight - even though that's about the only sign of spring so far. Thanks for including such interesting info too!


You are very welcome Hanne - I hope she present herself in her full glory very soon for you :~)))


Blessed equinox to all of you!! May the spring come after all!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Thanks Barb - I suppose the further north from the equator you live the longer spring takes to show herself... I hope she doesn't tarry too long for you!!


Good puzzle for theme week, Mandy ... "Spring is in the air". Mind you, one would never know it here. LOL
Thanks for another wonderful Who Knew puzzle along with the info and the pretty images. :-)


Thanks Ardy - it's still exciting - even though it doesn't feel warmer!! I'm delighted you are enjoying this series, it's teaching me lots of new things too!!


It's spring!! And has been for about 17 minutes. Wonder why I don't feel warmer? Delightful puzzle, Mandy. Great information. I think what you are doing with this series is so outstanding. Thank you so much.