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I Had Too Many Dreams Last Night! - KaleidoBOARDS

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With a nod to jcarroll for the title. Thanks, JC!


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Jan, Susan and I are leaving this morning for Lincoln. I will miss you and your puzzles the next several days, but I will bring back many more photo worthy puzzles, weather permitting!


Ank - You are SO right. I must have been asleep when I wrote that. You DID make a joke! AND, a very funny one at that! I am laughing because I was so "thick-headed!" VERY funny! LOL

(and, sometimes my dreams do seem a little psychedelic!) Thanks again! LOL :)


I think you did not understood my little joke. This boards are so sparkling and full color.
You did visit my puzzle "the trip". And you wrote: this is definitely a "trip!" Where you are high on psychedlic mushrooms and everything looks a bit odd and is VERY colorful!

Now I wonder did you eat some of that mushrooms before you created this beautiful sparkling and colorful boards. Did you make a little "trip"? :-)))))
Sorry I was not clearer.


Never knew anyone who dreamed in technicolor before. Lucky you and lucky us- we reap the benefits.


Thanks so much, Pat! :D
And I love your brain teasers and art pieces and photographs.....well, I guess I like it all!


Thanks Jan for a fun puzzle... Love your boards


Mandy - that happens all the time! LOL You are so welcome!!

Edie - I know what you mean, mine need a new battery, I guess, because it is getting all "wonky" and slow on me. Battery replacement helped last time! Glad you enjoyed the puzzle! :D

Hanne - I have the most unusual dreams! Thank you so much!

Ank - I saw the Cheshire Cat and the one about the drug induced "Trip!" I enjoyed them both!


Beauties Jan. But..... did you visit that float I posted today before you made this? They are so colorful..... lol


Oh those worlds you move around in when you dream!! BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Having issues with my mouse today so I'm limiting my time solving. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this, thanks Jan.


I was sure I left a comment earlier, to repeat... thanks Jan, for such lovely bright boards!


Ardy - the moon WAS lovely last night! Have fun with your ding-a-lings today! :D))

You can't fool me, JC! You were playing just as hard as they were! LOL

Katie - Thank you!! That middle one is my favorite, too. I wonder why we like it!

Hester - Have you been following me with a mini drone? How did you know? (And, it had jalapeƱos in it!) Thanks! :D


And I think you must have eaten a lot of cheese before bedtime to dream in this Technicolour! LOL


Great boards Jan! I love the middle one. Thanks for the vibrant dreams!


Jan, the dogs were rolling around in the snow repeatedly making their own snow angels! They LOVE the snow. I stayed inside and took pictures of them!
I will take them out into the pasture later this morning when the snow stops and I can take more pictures.


Whee fun, Jan. Beautiful colors. Love your dreams. Thank you. I tried taking some pictures of the moon last night. it was gorgeous. Wasn't real successful though. I have now finished the third load of laundry and must get it out of the dryer. Have a great day. I get to play with all my young ding-a-lings this afternoon.


JC- Actually, if we were in my old house, that would sound like fun! Maggie adores the snow! And, with the right boots, so do I. Do you still make snow angels? (Sounds like time for coffee to me)


Thanks, Laurajane! There was even an earworm involved. (you know, those songs or lyrics that won't get out of your head!)


Thanks, Jan! Didn't dream much last night. Up at midnight taking snow pictures. Again at 4 am with corgis playing in snow. There is something about snow that brings out the kid in all of us!


Those were some dreams, JB!