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Octo(gonal) Tablecloth

36 pieces
95 solves
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That's what you get for trying to do multiple things at once! I frequently do faceplants on my computer. Then I get up, walk around, come back, and the whole process begins anew.


Oh yes OM I solved it 10 hours ago then left the comment. 2:48. I must have been tired last night and dozed off! There were three puzzles started and bookmarked and many of my comments were not around, I must have forgotten to post. I tried to do a puzzle from every favourite and got mixed up!!!


So Robbie, what DID happen? Did you solve it? Did it disappear into the etherworld? Inquiring minds need to know.

Lela, you have so many of my possessions, including my flags, and you want more? Hrmph.


Can never have too many tablecloths........


OM I started this last night and not sure what happened!! It is beautiful and was fun solving, thanks.


You're welcome, my dear Kirsten. Hope you sleep well. See you tonight.


LOL!! Love your title Gail. And the kaleido. Thanks very much. And now I'm off to bed. See ya on the 'morrow! :)))