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In Loving Memory

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A more current photo of him before he became so ill.


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Thank you photogent, I appreciate that. I feel so displaced, and so sad.
When I have to go anywhere, I lift my chin with my game face on, and try to act normal.
It was nice of you to stop by, it helps to know people care.
Thank you, Jeannie


Jeannie, We are all pulling for you and know how hard it must be but you will get through this with the help of family and friends. It is always good to see you on the puzzles and wanted to stop in and say hello.


Sorry Francine, type O, that word is supposed to be "appreciate", which I really do.


Bookish/Francine, Thank you for your kind words, and for stopping is to say hello. It's a change in my life that I don't want to make. I'm facing it the best I can. I appericate everyone's support.
Thank you,

Suze, hello. I've been gone some, spending time with family. I'm trying to catch up with my Jigidi friends, but feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short.
At the end of the day before going to bed, I just say..."Well, there goes another day!" That's how it's been. But you are a dear, and thank you for checking on me. I'm getting by.
Thank you,


Hi Pat, Thank you for the web site. I will get back to painting. It's hard to concentrate right now, but I'm getting better. I've read that book, and a few others similar. They are comforting. My Chruch has been very supportive also.
I feel for you as well, beyond imagine, to loose a child.......
And I agree with you, about this site. I love it.
Take care,


Jeannie After out son passed away I bought the book "Heaven is for real" I is a good book also. I know i read that little book several times. It does help a little but time seems to help more. It will soon be three years since and I still have my moments.. Thinking of you ... and sometimes if it weren't for this site I wonder if I would have my sanity. I would just do puzzle after puzzle.


Jeannie -
So nice of you to stop by my now "old puzzle ". Big water is a great relaxant. Think of you often and hope adjustments are becoming a bit easier as each day passes .


Jeannie, I've only once left you a message in past (and you don't know me) but wanted to let you know I too think of you. Take care. [Faye expressed herself so well ~ there's nothing I can add.]


Jeannie I had told you earlier about a web site for your paintings. But then I had no idea this was happening. But if you ever get back into the painting I found this web site a year ago after we went to Vegas and I needed something to send back to a very sweet person that gave us a tour. It is different people selling their crafts. So you can check it out and like I said maybe get back into painting again.


Hi yellowgal, yes Rocky and Fancy are a comfort. I've been spending more time with family,and reading quite a bit. It helps for a while. It's good days, bad days, and I'm missing him today. I got back home Sunday late afternoon, and have been resting from the trip.
Thank you for you kind words, I apperciate it.

Hi Jeannie! I've been praying for you to find a least tiny things to smile about; how are you doing? Take care of YOU! Surely your kitties must provide a bit of comfort, yes?


Hey Sandy, Thank you for your kind words.
There are no human words to express what my heart feels.
God only, knows.


Hi yellowgal. yesterday was really nice and warm, today's been rainy and stormy all day. Should have gotten more paper work done, but just didn't feel like it. It will be there tomorrow :)
My family is there for me 100%, I have a lot to be grateful for, but it's hard to find things to smile about.

Hi Suzy, Thanks. I've just gotten back into a book I'd been reading a while back, it's "The boy who came back from heaven". It's a true story about a local boy in a near by town, not to far from me. I have to have hope.
I listen to music now and then, and I should be out on the walking/biking path, but I haven't done that yet. My husband retired from his own Landscaping Company, so you're right again...I'll be planting flowers for him.'s going to be the book.


Healer, I just saw this. So sorry for your loss and I pray for comfort and peace for you.


(Good book...not "hood " book.)


Be sure to make time for Jeannie. Be it a walk, listening to music you love, reading a hood book, playing in the garden. Make time for you.

Finally a sunny day up here with the temp. 61 degrees. .. . . . .but then April showers expected he rest of the week. How are things? Isn't it wonderful that your family is there for you. Please take care of you :))


Hi yellowgal, I had a few rough days. Just getting legal things done really takes a toll on a person. I was with family for several days over a long Easter break, and now have family here for the rest of spring break. I'm wearing out though, I'm mentally tired. I was so stressed out today, I was actually ill. Thanks for checking on me. Wish I could last longer, but I need to go to bed.
Take care,

It's good to see that you are making the time to do a few puzzles & leave comments! How are you doing, Jeannie? I can only imagine the days being like a roller coaster . . . . we are here for you :))))


Suzy, thank you.
I did the insurance and titles today.
With each thing that gets done, it makes it more final, more real. It hurts.
Knowing you are all there, does help. I'm grateful to have Jigidi to run to
when I need to get away and do something normal.
Thank you,


Jeannie -although we can't be there to personally help you with all that needs your attention right now ;know that you have friends and support from the world over. You are never far from our thoughts.


Pat, hello. Today has been a lot of phone calls to make. Thought I'd get more done, but some places were closed on Thrus. The day has had it's moments. A near by neighbor asked today "how was he doing?", then you have to deal with it.
But how about you. How are you doing?


Hi Jeanie just thinking about you .. Hope you are doing ok...


Hello Michelle, and thank you.
Yellowgal, hello. Some days have been moment to moment. Some days being better than others.
We have two daughters. One went with me to the SS office, I cried through most of it. My sister went with me to my first Lawyer visit. That's been a help. I appreciate my Jidigi family. Thank you .

I was thinking of you yesterday but never got to the computer to ask you to remember the invisible circle of jigidi folks around you! One day at a time is the ideal (it's been said), but we are human and sometimes it turns out to be one minute at a time, and that's okay. Do you have a son or daughter that perhaps could accompany you to help with paperwork & appointments?
Try to go easy on yourself, our friend, and keep on holding on. We care!


Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you, Jeannie. *hugs*


Thank you so much Auntie Sue, your words really touched me. He was so handsome. Under that hat was black hair, blue eyes, and a loving soul.

Faye, Long distance HT sounds wonderful. How does 11:00 pm my time sound for Tue.? Let me know. I could really use it right now. I've done it in the past, but have never been on the receiving end. You're a dear. thank you.

Laurajane, thank you for your kindness. I'm holding tight to those memories. The forms to fill out and appointments are endless. You're expected to function, and I can't put two thoughts together to make sense. It's so hard.


Jeannie, thank you for sharing this precious puzzle. May the days ahead be filled with wonderful memories of the past and bright hope for the future.


Thinking of you today. You made the first day mark. You made the first week mark. Now you've made the first month mark. You WILL reach the first birthdays on your own, the first anniversary on your own and the first year...but you won't really be "on your own" because you have loving family and friends holding you in their hearts and thoughts...always remember that. Hugs.

P.S. I have done HT over distance. If you let me know that you would like me to try it with you, and what time you retire (eg. Eleven o'clock your time, therefore eight (?) o'clock my time), I would be willing to see if it works for you.


I wonder if and how all of our wonderful jigidi friends could gather in a place where we could meet and share. I only saw this great tribute today, Healer. I had been thinking over the w/e how awful it would be to lose my husband and here you are suffering this loss. May God be with you always to assist you through these rough times. He is a handsome may to be sure. Hold tight to the good memories and as has been said, one day at a time. God Bless, Healer. With warmth and love, A.A. Sue


Thank you Carol for your kindness. It's four weeks ago today, he's been a rough day.


I am so sorry for your loss. TrudyTai said is perfectly.........time heals but there will always be that little spot in your soul that will remain so tender. Take care, please.


Yellowgal, thank you so much for your kind words, I too believe. And you are all special to me as well.

Photogent, thank you for the support, I really am leaning on all of you, my Jigidi family. It helps to know you are all there. I feel so lost, and haven't figured out how to pick up the pieces.

Mariolyn, thank you....I too believe in the power of prayer, and I'm very grateful.


Keeping you close in thought and prayer, Healer. You are special to Jigidiers.


Jeannie I along with all your jigidi friends will be here for you whenever you need us. We are all a family all over the world and support each other in time of need. Our best hope and wishes go out to you at this time and we all, in our way will pray that your life load is eased.

Dear Jeannie, I realize we don't know each other very well, but I wanted you to know you 'll be in our thoughts, hearts and prayers during this time of your loss. God has promised never to leave us or abandon us, I believe that He greives when we do. Hang on! Thanks for sharing his photo with us, so we could know him. Hugz.


Thank you Jeannie so much for share this lovely picture with us. Love and Hugs Pat


Thank you dear jigidi friends, Sherry, Jack, texasstar, Libby, Faye, robryan, Trudy, Laura, Michele, snooker, Suzy.
Your kindness means more than you'll ever know.
I did still see the young man I married, years don't change that.
Fancy and Rocky, my fur children have been wonderful.
Thank you all for being there for me.
Love ,


Be well. Are your cats giving you some of the support you need?

Think we all appreciate the sharing you are doing. More hugs coming your way.


Faye said it so well, Jeannie. I'll bet you still see the young man you fell in love with and always will. Thank you for sharing him and your life with is an honour and a blessing to us. I too would like to enfold you in my arms for a hug and let you know that I care.


I am sorry for your loss, Healer. Thank you for honoring us with photos of your beloved and for giving us the opportunity to offer our friendship and support.


One day at a time and even though you may never get over your loss, the days will become easier to bear. Just know you have a lot of friends waiting to give you hugs whenever you need one.


I was so sorry to hear about your loss Healer - & thank you for posting this sweet tribute to your husband.


It always amazes me how one special person can walk into your life and just make your heart go pitty pat...while others remain "just friends". And then that special person becomes your bestest friend ever and the days slip by all too quickly. Hold your memories close, Jeannie, and know that he stills love you. Hugs.


My heart goes out to you Healer...I can only imagine the depth of your sorrow...may you be given all the strength and courage to get through each day. Libby


What a sweet tribute, Healer. Hang in there, friend, we're with you! Like you said, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, even if it's just mechanical. Great to see you back here. Take care.


i agree jojosmom!


I am so sorry for your great loss. I pray that you find peace. Sherry