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You are probably getting tired of me posting puzzles with photos of cattle. I am not sure why they catch my eye and say, "Take my picture," to me. I grew up on six fenced acres. We always had a few head of cattle on the place. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Anyway, I found this little herd last fall in the panhandle portion of the state of Idaho.
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  1. tehallz4:59
  2. dcf111uk7:01
  3. realbill17:07
  4. togocat7:15
  5. olando7:17
  6. Shorie19608:06
  7. freetime8:07
  8. Sqbadiva8:25
  9. jag468:28
  10. jigapps8:54


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Out of 15, you got the attention of 4. :-)) Great photo and whether it is cattle or something else, as long as it makes an amazing photo for a puzzle, that's good enough for me and this one made a fantastic puzzle. Great blend of colors from top to bottom. Thank you for liking cattle and stopping to make this photo.


jag and hsrgnt, I have two that I haven't posted yet so there will be at least a couple more coming. Terry

This is a part of what feeds the country. Nice puzzle keep them coming.

I hope you will keep taking posting pictures of cattle. I grew up in Northwestern Arkansas with a few cattle and a horse or two.

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