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Central Ohio / Out my Back Door

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Taken @ 7:15am 02/02/2013


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Thank you Shirley


Very pretty to see the snow falling, Thanks Pat.


OK see you in the morning Hugs....


Would be nice. If not today, hopefully you'll have a chance another time. Smart of you to always have your camera with you. These days, I see many ice huts. Not interesting for a photo as they're mostly in the brown colours. Glad you saw photos. Signing out. Goodnight, Pat. {{hugs}}

BTW, answered your questions on the puzzles.


Love it seen them all. I'm checking my card as when I was coming home today I had stopped on the road where I always see the hawk.. It was snowing pretty hard and the wind blowing I wanted to get the picture and there he was coming out of the field don't know if I captured him or not..


We moved to this house slightly over two years ago. Here's a photo of our bedroom view from our ex-house, where we resided 20+ years. We saw magnificent sunsets and moon reflections over canal.

This was our spring-early summer view. Geese and their goslings. The geese used to be up very close to our house until we installed that fence for our dog. Our property edges up to canal. Other side was a wonderful provincial conservatory area for turtles and wildlife. As you know, it's wonderful not having neighbours living too closely to you. [Sadly, we have that now.]


Hi Pat. Hugs to you too.
Did take pictures last winter. None yet this year. They were too far away today and mostly hidden by neighbour's trees. Here's a photo from last winter where they were in between our two houses, taken through window.

The other one is a photo of wild turkeys - photo taken from inside. We see them less often now that a house was built behind our property -- where you can see the mound of dirt is the start of their property.


Ank It has snowed off and on all day....thanks Hugs..
Patti thanks for stopping by hope all is ok with you....Hugs
Fran did you take a picture.... I was going into the office yesterday and this one place along the river I saw about 6 or 7 deer feeding....Traffic was heavy and couldn't stop to ge a picture...Hugs
Thank you Katie it really surprised me it was so good....HUgs
Gnt thanks nice to see you....Hugs
Jan thanks maybe I should save it for next Dec... Hugs
Laurajane thanks so glad you like it... Hugs


What a lovely, snowy scene, Pat! Jan is right, it's like a Christmas card.


BFF you took this photo, just right. Remind me of a Christmas Card scene.


very nice set pkin


Hi Pat, this is absolutely gorgeous! I say, if it's going to be so cold and cloudy then give us some pretty snow. You did extremely well with your camera this morning my friend!!!


It's presently snowing exactly like this. Saw three deer on neighbour's property.


Oooh, pretty! Thanks!


Aww, snow again, they said we should have too, but untill now, nothing, only sun. A beautiful photo Pat, it's 3 hours later now, does it still snow?


Sorry Jim and Lorna got so carried away sending the snow to Ardy forgot all about you two..
Thanks Jim only took one and was so surprised it came out so good...
Lorna it is rather chilly here this morning just looked at the little weather station we have it says 17F degrees. I just thought it was too cold to snow boy was I wrong...


It is on it's way .. I just talked to the weatherman....Thanks Ardy It did come out good


I love this, Pat. It's a beautiful snow picture. Of course it looks cold. It IS cold. Just hope you don;t get enough to be a problem. Thanks. And you don't need to send it on to me. :-))


Good morning Pat. I love this photo, but it looks rather chilly!


Beautiful photo, Pat!