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FFC Butterfly

49 pieces
165 solves
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We don't have Bank Holidays either! And we usually don't call sets of sofas and chairs "suites". Love our common language!


Gosh Pat - don't you have Boxing Day in the US?? Its the day after Christmas Day, and I'd say 26/12/12!!!! We are inundated with TV ads for dubiously discounted leather suites for weeks... and the "sale" always starts on a Bank Holiday... the next one being 26 Dec!!! It's not just at Christmas.... they happen almost every bank holiday!!!

Wise advice to Lela!! :~))


Now that's a lovely image Mandy--thanks! Is Boxing Day 12/26? I'm trying to remember without googling it... It sounds like out Presidents Day sales in February, where everyone can find Great Deals on bedding...!

Yes, Lela, that's a good tactic to remember for your next adventure........


I should have simply sat down.......


I can't see a butterfly :~(
I can see 2 beautiful cushions... one edged in purple and one edged in red, which have been gift wrapped all ready for placement on the new sofa.... you know the one everyone rushes out to buy on Boxing Day!!!!! (At least in the UK, TV ads lead me to believe that is the case!!!) - thanks Pat :~))


Thanks, PJ--I'll take that any day, believe me!


Pat - what this puzzle lost on friendliness, it gained on compositional interest. Very fine design.


Mighty Morphin Freely Flying Far-out Cushions! If that's what the puzzle contains, you know it must be one of my weirdos...! LOL! Thanks, Lela, Katie, and whatnauts!

Um, no, I'm not particularly surprised, Lela--now if you HADN'T gotten lost (or, perhaps, injured), THEN I would have been surprised........


Hmm, all I can see is a far-out cushion.


Freely flying creatures!


This will probably come as a surprise....but I got completely lost here!......I wonder if the pieces were changing their shape as I (attempted) to solve?.....


I made this from the Fancy Filing Cabinet puzzle, hence the title. I was lucky that the patterns I had added there worked out well here! I know it's not the friendliest looking butterfly, but maybe you figured out the reason--I hope Wendy can give it some more blooms soon...!


This butterfly has some different patterns in its wings - very nice. But it looks so angry. Is it because there are no flowers for it to enjoy? Thanks, Pat. Fun.