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We said goodbye to the chicken, she has a new home.

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We found a new home for the chicken. She is now on a farm, that's better. But pity, we were accustomed to her. It was so funny as she was playing around through the gardens. We had good talks with her. But this is beter for her.

For everyone who does not know about this chicken, look to my older puzzle:


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Thanks friends, Yes I'm glad she has a new home. That's better for her. And indeed Robbie it's better for our gardens too, she made a mess of it. But funny we all liked it, and didn't really mind. Yes there are plants destroyed, too bad, we will buy new.

I remember too when you posted a puzzle of her. Glad she has a new, safe home.


Ohhhhhh I'm so happy that this chicken will be well fed and taken care of and have a nice roof over her head! Thanks for letting us know what happened to her Ank! Can't wait to see new pics of your garden when things start blooming again!...Hugs


This is a very nice picture!! Thanks Ank. Yes, I remember the story of the chicken visitor. I'm glad she has a good home. I bet if you go to that farm your "chicken" friend will come over to see you!


We are not so happy with wild chickens here Ank. It is estimated that there could be more than 30,000 chickens running wild on the island, half of our population. They dig up our plants and destroy farmers crops. Dad would feed them my mom's bread at one side of the house........Jenny and I chased them away on the other side!!! Yours has a happy ending, nice puzzle, thanks.


didn't you have a chicken once before? Looks like it belongs in the garden.


I think it's so funny (and sweet) that you made friends with a chicken! Thanks, and I'm glad she has a more suitable home now.


Thanks Patty Sandy Hanne Tekchal and Ardy. Hanne I did change the title, she has a new home, because first everyone thought so. Tehchal, I really don't know, I don't know a thing about chickens, when she came we did some internet search how to feed her. I never knew chickens are so funny. They are loyal and smart. But we (the neighbours and I) are happy she has a good home now, a place with a lot of other chickens. The farm is not a business but a hobby of a retired teacher. He has the animals for fun. So she can have a long live.


Glad she has a nice home with company that really speaks her language. Thanks Ank.


She pretty. I'm thinking it might be a Rhode Island Red. Is that right?


For a short moment I thought it was in the freezer, but am I happy to find out that it's on a good old farm!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


She was a fun visitor, but happy for her she is on a farm now.


I'm going to miss her too, Sis .... She was entertaining.... Good you found a farm for her ....Hugs


Aww, yes I see, no I would not have post that. I will change the title. Thanks Lorna.


For a very brief awful moment, when I was looking at the thumbnail photo, I thought I was looking at feathers not snow! I am so relieved that wasn't the case, I expect you will miss her, but it is good she has a permanent home.


Hi good evening Shirley and good morning Sissel. Oh no, I'm really a softy. We had a good talk a few times a day, cluck-cluck-cluck. I would not eat her. And what's more, I miss her. But it became to dangerous, She wanted to go with me as I drove away. I was always afraid she would get under the car. No this is better, she is about 40 km from here, so she can't come back.


Good morning Ank. I always enjoyed when we have had hens etc. Nice to look at and wonderful eggs. And make better chickensoup because they are better grown up. But I am glad it will move to a farm where it can have new friends :-)))))


Oh, Ank, for one moment I thought you were going to have chicken soup. :))))


Hi Jana, a few months ago I did post this puzzle.:

Look at that and you know.


Thanks Patti, she will be more happy there, and more safe.


Thank you Ank! So glad you found a home for your feathered friend!


Thank you very ANK, I have not noticed that you had a chicen, but there will have it better.
have a nice day full of sunshine :-)))))))