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View from the mountain farm, Norway!

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This picture is interesting because you can see clearly where the snow begins. Down in the valley there is none, but when you start mounting well, then it's there. The mountain farm from yesterday is right behind us.


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Wow, what a view.


Thanks so very much Ardy!!

Thanks so very much Patsyanne, do hope you are well and have come well into the new year!!

Beautiful shot. Love mountains! Thanks, as always for sharing.


This is a beautiful view and a wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, isn't it!! We couldn't have enough of it - the green fields in the valley, the snow on the mountains!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

It is, Jo, the tallest mountains in Norway aren't more than 6000 feet because the Ice Age gnawed so much of them, but very close to here - behind us some miles is a very beautiful 6000 feet mountain, that we have had been up on!! Norway are mountains and mountains and more mountains, ups and downs all the time!! Thanks so very much!


What a view!! What a huge mountain range across the way!!! Thankyou both for showing us!! :) :)


Yesterday when you talked about the view, I was curious to see it. It is WONDERFUL!


You are SO welcome tangarine!! Thanks so very much!!


Thank you for this beautiful photo, Elfie