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Seahawks win....again!!

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we have hopes for the Superbowl!!


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Happy for you, samantha!


willey19live...if this were Facebook.....I'd hit "Like"

samantha851, I don't have the flag yet but I do have the 12th Man decal in the rear window of my GMC SUV. My land lord does'nt allow poles, or I'd be flying one big time. Thanks for the come-back.

samantha851 you have your 12th man flag flying? ours is up and proud!!

I'm sorry stockwell, no body is "letting" the Sea Hawks win, they are whipping up on the best teams out there. yeh, we are going to the Super Bowl this year, & this time we wont be playing in the other teams back yard where we have to play the officials also, as the Officials were afraid to allow the Sea Hawks beat the Steelers a few years back, because the crowd would not have allowed the officials out of the arena alive had the Game been called truthfully. We in the North West don't forget !!!!!!!!


Good for the Seahawks!!!! I've given up on the Bears....they lost again today!!!!

We let them win, poor things, they needed it.