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Door Knocker

72 pieces
45 solves
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Hi Janine, patsyanne, Kari and dk ~ I'm glad you all liked this knocker. Whether polished or left natural, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm a natural type person. :)))))


I knew this was yours as soon as I saw the knocker. I have to say that I do not prefer the discoloration caused by the oxidation on brass. Patina is great when it is on wood but less flattering on metal.

Very pretty door knocker and a terrific puzzle! If it was mine I would refrain from polishing it though - I'd like it with a bit more patina. Thanks Joyce! :-))

Lovely! Lots of nice texture in this one. Thanks, Joyce.

I love brass door knockers. This one isbeautiful on the old paint.