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Winter Snuggly Quilt

36 pieces
101 solves
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Thanks, Sally. I'm glad you elaborated, but I made this dufficulty level quite by accident. I don't know if I can keep this kind coming, but I'll try to do something. I made a new quilt today. I like the look of it and the color combination, but it is no harder than it looks. I have a few ideas for you, though. I must warn you that when I picture something in my head, the puzzle morphs into its own identity, so I cannot promise you. I can only say that I will try. :-))


In my opinion, any puzzle, which looks at first glance to be a simple design with neat little segments and areas of color that are not too similar, would apparently be not tricky to solve.... THEN, when you start solving it and find it is very challenging, then, my friend, you've been well an truly tricked and that is a sign of a 'Top Notch Puzzle Maker'... Tricky without appearing to be...
Your use of angles and geometric shapes also adds to the challenge... Love 'em... Keep 'em coming... :) :)


PJ--Moot is a legal term that generally means it has already been settled and, therefore, of no consequence. The fact that I don't use a sewing machines makes thinking about making quilts a moot point (realizing I'd not attempt making one by handstitching). It is not a sewing or stitching term. Does that make any sense? Sorry to have misled you. Glad you asked, though.

Did you enjoy my tomorrow? Hope all your days are ejoyable. I'm winding down, so I'll talk to you later. Hugs.


Judy - on a side note, I'm in your tomorrow now....


Judy - I've done a lot of stichery, but 'moot point' is unknown to me. Could you describe it?


I keep hitting "enter" when I'm not finished. grrrr.

Sally, I want to thank ou for commenting, and I have a serious question. Is that true about being a top-notch puzzle maker? I usually try to make things a bit obvious with the colors and design as far as ease of solving. I solved this one and also found it surprisingly difficult. I thought that was a bad thin, because I didn't want to try to solve it in the larger size because of the difficulty. What say you> Now, about New Year's Dau; it boggles my mind that you are living tomorrow for me. Time travel is needed to ever meet. I know they've invented the airplane, but it still fascinates me.
Hope you are enjoying your new year already.

PJ, I loved the individual designs, but I was shocked that a 36 piece puzzle could be so difficult. I'm almost glad to hear it wasn't just me. I think I'd give up on the larger size. At least it's fun to look at and wish making the real deal wouldn't be so time consuming. I do not like sewing machines, so it's a moot point. Hugs, my friend and keep your sweetness.


Oops, I wasn't finished; having a senior day!

Kirsten, I hope you are not sweltering. Perhaps you need a puzzle with ice cubes and whatever cools you down. Popsicles? I do hope your New Year is terrific and look forward to chatting next year.

Barb, I don't think you want me for a seamstress. Everything would be crooked, if it came together at all. However, I'll be happy to provide the design. Take care and glad you liked the quilt.

Chrissie, I'm glad you liked the colors; they are favorites of mine also. I love having control over that. It's so hard to find the perfect colors outside of cyberland unless something is custom made. I'm amazed that software lets you mix any color you want, an infinite supply! Have a great New Year's Day.


I forgot about this puzzle, so please excuse me for not getting back to you promptly. I'm forgetting to check my other username. I want to thank all of you for your kind comments.

Liane, I was trying to make it snuggly for those of you facing cold or inclement weather. Nothing like awarm quilt to do your favorite jigsaw puzzles.


Dear Judy - such a beautiful puzzle, love it. The little delicate images are so exqusite. Yes, it was tricky to solve - but joyful to the end.


Beautiful quilt, lovely delicate patterns, but, really tricky to solve... Every piece went somewhere I didn't try first.... You do know that's a sign of a true, top notch, puzzle designer... Love the colors too... Two of my favorites... Thank you, Judy.... Happy New Year!!!! We have a little less than three hours to go.... See you next year.... :) :)


Delightful patterns, Judy and in my favourite colours. Thank you!


What a lovely quilt this would make for my bed, Judy. Thanks for another great puzzle.
And a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year to you! :-)


I'll have to pop this one away for a few months Judy. It's high summer here!! But I can't wait to get it out and use it. Thanks so much. And Happy New Year to you. :)))


Thank you for another pretty ,snuggly quilt .
Happy New Year heyJude .