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my painting for this year's Christmas cards

72 pieces
192 solves
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Beautiful painting. I find watercolor so difficult. You've clearly conquered it.


Really appreciate the encouraging comments. Thanks so much! Enjoy watercolor painting lots - mainly for family friends. That's why all the posting of paintings to solve ... always looking for inspiration.

amazing painting, thank-you for sharing
do you have a web-page

no matter about the time, tweegan - YOU did the painting
- would love to be able to paint like that - especially snowy scenes

You're quite the artist too! Hugs, Anj


Thanks, Everglades. - It took me way too long to solve the puzzle - I must have been jigging on the left side of my brain. Time to sleep.


Very cool. It reminds me of when I was a kid out liveing out at our frends farm in Houston B,C,. Thanks for the the memories.