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I like lichen, too. I wonder what they would look like under a microscope. We only have moss growing on our concrete wall and then some will turn into very small smooth lichens. Can't get them off in one piece.


Thank you, Angelbender. They are just as gorgeous to me, too. I would love to see pictures of yours. A few years ago, I gathered several lichens and glued them on a picture frame. I have it packed away now, but if I can find the box it is in, I'll post a picture of it. Turned out to be quite pretty.

They are as gorgeous as coral reefs, but easier to get to. I love the grayish-blue color, but the gold-green one would make a fantastic combination for an autumn suit or cocktail dress. I'll take some photos of the ones in my yard and post them for you, Nana. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, grandmalucy! You are my new best friend! :) And You're welcome!


such a fascinating subject ,,,,,thanks


You are most welcome, Chickie! I have gotten a big laugh out of these lichens. I was so excited to find some great photos of them and no one seems to like them but me.. and you! LOL! But I still love them and look for different kinds every time I'm in a wooded area. I guess I'm just a little strange that way! LOL!


Isn't it pretty? Thanks Dottie.