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The blending of two families (Part 1 of 2)

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Our wedding, several years ago. This photo is missing only one member of the family. He wouldn't come out from under the bed and about chewed up the friend who tried to drag him out.

He gets his own puzzle, though. Go check the handsome guy out!


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Thanks, cilycoed! Katie's a special dog, and she has her own remarkable rescue story. She'll get her own puzzle in a few days.
At 7 yrs, she's still a bit of a spazz. If you look closely in this pic from a few years back, you'll see she's the only one wearing a leash, and further, she tried her best to hide under my skirt. I never got those grass stains out.


Tell your mum 'well done' from me:-)) and sorry to hear about your Lab and Beagle. We had a Border Collie cross, known as Tess, we said she was a 'Corder Bollie' they make such good house dogs, and although bred to be sheep dogs, Tess ran a mile when she saw our three sheep.


Yes they are! Sadly, though, we've since lost the lab and beagle mix. The black border collie is still with us, as is Jake the StepCat, mentioned but not pictured here.

My mother made the collars - it WAS just the right touch!


Love the dogs collars and tie, and very nice touch.