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They are so cute. I've book marked others but this is my early night and I must get off the computer to get ready for a long day tomorrow. I'll look forward to some cute little rats on Friday!


LOL...He sure moved it, didn't he.


But he's got hi-i-gh hopes, he's got hi-i-gh hopes, he's got high apple pie in the sky hopes,

Oops, there goes another piece of bed, oops, there goes another piece of bed, ker-plunk!!

That was just from memory, I could have gotten a word or two of the last line wrong (something about a rubber tree plant perhaps?!).

A Hole in the Head is among my favorite movies of that time period. My mother was a big fan of Sinatra's.


Hi Carol...He did do a good job, didn't he? LOL. He sure moved the rubber tree good.
Hi Sachi...Actually, that is my work bag that he is in. It's got my work tools and snacks in it. Those are my reading glasses that he has hold of. Take care, both of you...cindy
P.S...You too Gail...:-)


Hi Gail...Nooooo silly...I stay out there with him. It's a screened in back and front porch. There are no holes, no way he could get out if he wanted to. I still only let him down off my shoulder for about 5 minutes at a time.
Sorry about your air. I know the feeling. My car air just got fixed last month amidst the high 90's. And no, there is no relief when your air is out, no matter how many fans you have going. Poor babies. I feel for them and you.


Outside? Your mommy takes you OUTSIDE? Isn't that dangerous for you? I mean, you could run away or get hurt. You wouldn't run away, would you? Our heat wave just started today. Temp was 97 and my air conditioning/heat pump is out. The cats are suffering in my house, even with three large fans going.


Loveliest picture, Cindy. Surrounded by green things, he looks so handsome. Sometimes he looks like an old-clever-mouse, but today he is a cool guy! What is the glittering thing in his tiny room? What cute hands! I never get tired of seeing him. I was lucky to see him. Have a nice jigi time, Cindy. Thank you.


Ben and the did I miss that?! Kind of like the song "High Hopes" where the ant moves the rubber tree plant! Go Ben!


Carol and java...You two need to look at the puzzle I posted of Ben on Aug. 2, under animals. He destroyed my futon, so he could play and nap in it. It was funny. I know, it's hard to believe that he did that much damage, but he did! Took him about 2 weeks. He was determined. Took me awhile to get that shot, had to hold a piece of pancake so he would stay in that position...:-)


Hi java...How are you? We are doing well, thank you....Hope that you are well too.
Hi Gail...No, I wasn't at the Sugarland concert. It was in Indy. We live about 2 1/2 hours from there. We only go to concerts in Louisville. About 10 to 20 minutes, depending on where the show is. My mommy has been to some concerts in Lexington though. Anyway, that was a horrible tragedy. I'm glad my mommy wasn't there to
see it. I will hopefully talk to you all later...I just woke up, gonna play with my mom for awhile. I'm gonna see if she will let me play on the back porch for awhile, it is like early fall out there right now. But, not for long, gonna be in the 80's today. The real hot 90's are gone for now, whew, thank goodness. She doesn't let me stay out there for long when it's that hot. I know I am rambling on and on, so bye.


Well, it's about time you showed your cute little face. Please let Cindy know that I heard about the accident at the Sugarland concert, and hope she wasn't there to witness the disaster.


Hey Ben! It's been a while, hope you and your human are doing well! Thanks ;)


Hi snooker and Carol. I've had him since April 2010. He was teeny tiny. He's a little fatty now. He is the most precious creature I have ever had. I love that rat.


Hi Ben! Good to see you again!

How long have you had Ben?