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Did I Hear the Dinner Bell??

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It breaks my heart to hear how people can be so heartless tango animals.. Thank you for being their angel


I have also read horror stories during these trying times. One was that here in Texas there are a lot of abandoned donkeys that farmers got either free or cheap to help keep coyotes, etc. away from their cattle. Now they don't have money to feed them, and are just leaving them like this story you just told. Very sad.


Just a few days ago our local paper had a story about Sadie, a mare that had been abandoned in a stall without food or water for so long that she could hardly stand up. The homeowner had been foreclosed and just left the horse to its fate. The story said that the foreclosing bank knew about the horse but did nothing. A neighbor discovered the half-dead horse, and has rescued it. This sort of thing has been happening with distressing frequency as people can no longer afford their horses when their jobs are gone and their homes foreclosed. It seems to me that it would be more humane to have a horse put down than to make it suffer a lingering death. I do not understand such inhumanity. Bless you, and others like you, ggl.


She has came along way. Beautiful horse


This is Roux, one of our foster horses. When she came to us in February, she was terribly skinny. She has a scar that runs from her right ear to the corner of her mounth, she's partially blind in her right eye, and her bottom jaw is off center by about 1/2--1 inch. It appears she had some type major trauma to the right side of her face. She also had bad scars on her back feet as if she had been chained tightly for sometime. She's a sweet girl and very forgiving of man's cruelty...she's available for adoption through Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society...


These are beautiful. Are these some you rescued? I just love that you do that.