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Kathy, I am so sorry, I tried so hard to understand what you were explaining, but I guess I just don't have the smarts for that kind of stuff! When I read it, it just goes right over my head and I go, HUH? Maybe I'll have my son come over and try to explain to me what you said! He's pretty good at stuff like that! Actually, he's a computer genius! Thanks for trying though!...Monica.


Monica and Ank, always enjoy your stopping in. Monica the frames are usually a duplicate of the top layer with different filters and sizing; this one is two different layers; the first is solid color yellow with a purple streak, then with canvas filter and drop shadow; the second has liquify and curleque and a dark inward glow. The original photo has a triple inward glow with embossing. Hope this helps, I always enjoy understanding how a graphic was designed.


Wow, love it.


Oh, I like this one even more than the last! Love how the frames match so beautifully with your work! You are truly talented, Kathy! Thanks so much for posting these, for I look forward to them each and every day!...Monica.


Glad you like it jc, thanks for stopping.


that's a nice one sweetie!


Thanks for dropping in today Ardy, wish these would grow here but we are too dry and too cold, took this a couple of years ago either in California, Oregon, or Washington, would need to look up the original photo to check. We do get beautiful lilac's though, I have about 25 different varieties of lilacs, they bloom at different times and some smell better than others.


This is so beautiful and beautifully framed. In the thumbnail it looks almost like a lilac. Love the colors. Thanks, Kathy.