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Kaleidos made from ...... Slinkies!! ~ Small

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of Slinkies. Remember Slinkies? I never had one when I was a kid, but boy !! Did I covet my friend's ones!

This is what they looked like when I was a kid:

But now they are made from plastic and come in amazing colours!!

I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each 3x3 collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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I was really thrilled with how it came out too, Kathy! And it was complete serendipity! Don't you love it when that happens? I also love it, when you love my puzzles. And even more, when you choose a fave! Yippee!!


Kirsten, the colours in this one are so bright and wonderfully vivid. The detail of each is outstanding. You do such a wonderful job at pulling all the colours together. I know that I seldom pick a favorite, but the bottom right one does beckon LOL Thank you for your wonderful talent!!!!!!!!


How could I resist Edie? And I'll get back there tonight my time. I'm at work at the moment, so I all I have time for are quick replies, and then I'm outta here. LOL I really appreciate you letting me know that she replied though, 'cos I don't often go back to puzzles I've solved. Thanks so much. :)))

See you tomorrow/tonight! :)))


I see that you went back to Judy's Hodge Podge puzzles. I knew you would think it was funny. Geez you're way younger than me. Judy left you another message. Just wanted to be sure that you got it.


Done!!! And I'm so excited. Today I post the first of YOUR faves!!! Yippee!!

And I'm jealous of you too! I never got a slinky as a kid. Pout. LOL


I'll take the top left, please! And the slinky from your link is exactly the type I had as a kid. The plastic ones are a joke and don't work near as well the original. :)))


Sounds like a terrific day, Hester! I'm glad. :)))


Thanks pal! :-)) I had a lovely one. It started with a huge hike with Freddy in the morning and ended with BB cooking a lovely fish dinner. Perfect :-))


They are a bit kapow, aren't they? But I thought that bottom right and middle left would be more your colours today!! Happy St Paddys day! :)))


Kapow!! These are just fantabulous, Kirsten! Each and every one a star, but top and bottom left are warming the cockles of my heart this morning! Thanyou, thankyou, thankyou!


Oh, Rosie! What a totally fantastic comment! I can't wait to post the faves from this one. Your name will be all over them! Except for the middle one of course. LOL. :)))


It's my utter pleasure Katie. I hope they brightened up your day. :)))


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Linda. I really appreciate hearing from you and knowing that you enjoyed it. :)))


It's my pleasure PJ! And I see you have forgone the orange again! I can only put it down to the top left and middle left being really spectacular!! :)))


Thanks LJ! I'm glad you liked it. :)))


Hey Edie. You know I don't know the advertising jingle! On top of never having toys like this when we were kids, we hardly watched any television either, and 'specially not commercial television. We had horses instead, and would saddle up and go riding out into the wild blue yonder, instead of getting square eyes!! So I'll have to check it out. And I'll also check out your cheekiness over at Judy's place while I'm at it. You're a naughty one! LOL


Thanks leet! That's all I can ask for. :)))


Not sure if you check back on past comments but I was having some fun with you on a comment you left two days ago on Judy's Hodge Podge puzzle.


Wow. just Wow! I would never have thought of slinkies while looking at these kaliedos. They are all so bright and beautiful that I want them all. Actually the only one I don't chose is the middle one. All of the rest are mine, mine,mine..... Thanks for an incredible puzzle. Rosie


Oh, what a striking collection of slinkies! These are wonderful Kirsten! Hard choosing faves, but I will: top left, middle right, bottom middle and bottom right. Whew! Thank you ever so much for bright and bold today!


I love all of the segments today. Thanks for sharing your time and talent. :)


Wonderful, Kirsten. Such a fun collage, and my 2 faves are top left and middle left. Thank you for providing the interesting info.


Beautiful, Kirsten! Thank you.


The lyrics from the song just popped into my head. 'Who walks the stair without a care and makes the happiest sound. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, the favourite of girls and boys.....' Hope I can get it back out. LOL

Top right is my favorite, but I enjoyed them all. Thank you.


Geez, Edie, it seems EVERYONE had them but me. Poor me. LOL

I don't know how long the plastic ones have been around. I just went looking for images of the metal slinkies, and these are what I found. BONUS!! LOL I'm so glad you had fun with this one. And I hope you have a great day today. I'm off to bed now. See you tomorrow! :)))


I had Slinkies as a child but they sure never looked like this. They were the metal kind and I still remember how they sometime got twisted together and how I would spend hours trying to untangle them. Even my kids didn't have plastic ones, so I'm guessing these are relatively new. The images are gorgeous Kirsten. My favourite being the top right. You have managed to out do yourself yet once again. Thank you very much.


Morning Ardy!! I'm jealous of you too, Ardy!! I would have loved to have had a slinky - and better still stairs to walk it down. If you pop over to the 81 piece size, you'll see that this puzzle didn't come out the way I'd planned!! But it was glorious serendipity. And done deal! If any don't get faved, I'll consider them yours!

And our weather has cooled off nicely. For now anyway. It's going to warm up again mid next week, but for now it's quite comfy. One could even say it's cool! Yippee!! And there are celebrations for St Paddy's day here. But I wouldn't say that everyone joins in. Some of our pubs dye their beer green, which I think is pretty funny. Hope you have a good St Paddy's day. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. I had slinkies as a kid too. It was a wo story house and I loved to go upstairs and try to get it to go all the way down. And most of the time it would. Lots of fun. Love all the slinkies here. I'm having trouble choosing a favorite - well the bottom left of course. But I also favor the middle one and the top left and middle. I'm hoping the others will get chosen. They are all too pretty to leave anyone out. (Light bulb coming on) I have an idea. If one doesn't get chosen add it to my favorites. OK? Thanks, Kirsten. These are so pretty and so much fun.

Was it more comfortable for you and the flowers this morning? Wonder why the seasons we like best - spring and autumn don't last anywhere near as long as summer and winter? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Oz? Today is for the 'Wearin' o' the green" whether one has any claim to Irish blood or not. Have a really good night with sweet dreams. Loving hugs heading your way. ((HUGS))


I used to tease my parents that I had a deprived childhood, Gail. But truth be told, it was terrific. And I didn't see Joyce's puzzle - I'll go back and have a look. Although I have no idea what Kitty Wampus is!

And I'll pop into my email shortly. :)))


I sent you an email. Could you respond to it when you get a chance, please? To follow up on it, after I sent it, Nortie walked all the way into the office and cried to be picked up. I held him for half an hour while working puzzles, until my arm grew so numb I had to put him back on the couch. But it was wonderful to see he was yearning for attention, and I was delighted to give it to him.


You must have had a terribly deprived childhood. Did you see Joyce's puzzle of Kitty Wampus? Another childhold game.


I love how the slinkies came through in that one too, Gail! And well-spotted you! I'm jealous that you had one as a kid though. LOL

I think I've got another puzzle in the kaleidos that I didn't use too. But it'll be a while before you see it!! I don't like posting the same things in quick succession.


Before I read your description, I was going to say that my favorite was the orange one because it looked like Slinkies. How funny! Mine were made of metal when I was a child. I loved these kaleidos, Kirsten. More, more, more!!!!


Thanks Barbara! I knew you would like the top right. I'm starting to think that maybe you were the founder of the PFC!! LOL

And I would love some of your rain. We've just had the driest summer on record! And really need some rain.


Fantastic description Sissel! Love it. Glad you enjoyed it. :)))


Beautiful, bright and cheerful, I love the top right, and could use some of the sunshine in the yellow ones, 9.30am here and raining already had two days of almost constant rain.


This is an orgie of colours - thanks for the beauty :-)