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Stained Glass and winemaker shop signs in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen - Please see comment

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Look at you on top of the leader board. Wow. Thanks, Dagmar. Glad you enjoyed Hanne's stories and the embroidery. I wonder if they are even still there. Hanne says most of the signs like this have disappeared as have the small businesses.


Hi Ardy, late as usual but I finally managed your last shop sign and story. It really is fun to read about them and I suppose it would be doubly fun if you could walk now through the Tivoli Gardens to look at the originals. :))


Thanks Pat for coming by. Wow you posted a fast time. I'm glad to have something you can enjoy as I enjoy your posting. Hugs to you for a good Monday.


Hanne, My church broadcasts live each week for the 11:15 service on Saturday morning. If I had know you were interested I would have told you. Yes you could have watched too. On the internet it's and click on Web TV. A smaller group will be playing Dec. 22 during the 11:15 service. When the service is posted in the video archives I'll let you know and you can still watch it if you wish.


This is such beautiful work. Thanks so much Ardy for posting they make interesting puzzles. Hugs


NOW I'm curious, Ardy, how was it possible to see it live??? Would I have been able to see it too? Where? On what? Oh, this is interesting!!!


Thanks, Kirsten. I thought you might enjoy these so planned to post them while you were on vacation and might have time to check them out. I know these are not your type of puzzles so I'm doubly appreciative when you take time to look them over.

You are so right about no borders on Jigidi. Yesterday Dagmar watched my bell choir play live. I was tempted to wave at her but I restrained myself LOL. Enjoy the rest of your day. And thank you again for taking the time to visit.


I've just caught up on the shop signs, Ardy - and just in time too! Your needlework is lovely, and Hanne's stories are terrific.

I love the collaboration between you and Hanne. What a great thing to do. It seems there are no borders on Jigidi. Jigsaws Sans Frontieres! LOL


Glad you enjoyed it Barb. This is the end of the shop signs. Thanks for coming by.


Thanks, Ardy, for another fun puzzle and story. :-)


Remember the fun of putting in the last stitch? Then the careful washing and pressing. I had a friend who liked to have small things to work on in the evening. She put my bell pulls together. She did draperies and furniture coverings during the day and was always glad to have something like this in the evening. I paid her of course. And then setting up the next project.!!


Yes, it's right, Ardy, I remember it now!! What a job it must be, just to separate all the differnt nuances and have them the right way!! Thanks again!!


Hanne, I often think about that. I even mentioned that to Ank on one puzzle when she called me an artist. The real artist is the puzzle designer. All I had to do was follow directions and count carefully. This was one of the easier ones that I made. It's been so much fun - thanks to you and your stories.


Welcome Jan. Always glad to see you. Thanks for coming by. Wish this bell pull was longer so this wouldn't be the end!! Love having you at # 1.


It's such a fine embroidery, those who make the patterns must be awfully skilled! Why did I ever think about that? Did you?? Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Ardy, Of course I had to be number one on THIS one! LOL

Another fun one! Thanks so much!!


Translation: Take your glass, my friend, drink to your girl.
Explanation by Hanne9 aka Elfie: It's a drinking song for men from the middle of the 1800's. Perhaps mostly young men or students. It's very long and praises women of all ages, behaviors and looks - and then they could drink a lot of glasses before it was finished.