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One with a view.

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Love it, and it has a fire place.

The driveway DOES look like it's been in use (scary thought). Could be housing some of the FBI's most wanted; that would explain why a good view would be important here :)))


I like this old houses, they have character and they make nice puzzles:)
Thank you PG.


oh and with a tin roof..:) the sound of rain hitting one would put me to sleep
Love it PG


OK will do. Will let you know what I come up with..


Go look at them first and see who you like and then go on line. B&H Photo has them all and is one of the top places to purchase high end photo equipment.


Would it be better to shop online??


Had best buy in mind


Nikon makes a V1 and a V2 which have interchangeable lenses and are at a more consumer price point. I know both Cannon and Sony make equivalent products but I do not think you can find them in big box stores unless they are like Best Buys types.


Thank You for the advice. At least I will know what to look for. The new address you have is it the name.


I use a Nikon 300 and 800E but I do not think you want to go there. Yes, interchangeable lenses give you more flexibility but to get good ones you need to pay a good price. High end lenses start at 1200USD and climb quickly. If you see what you want in a store go on line and you can get it for 10-30% less. I will look and see what there is and let you know.


What kind do you use and would the interchangeable lens be better??


Either Cannon or Nikon also Sony make some good cameras. The better of the groups start about 6-800$ and will do everything you desire I think. Some have interchangeable lens options and all have a view finder so you can see what you are doing in the bright sun.


Going shopping today do you any advice maybe on a brand of camera that would be better???


Looks like it wouldn't take too much to fix this one.


Is this the view from the bridge or the view from within.... Interesting old building.... Someone must have lived there once....


You don't have to go back out there, Your Royal PGness just 'cos someone whose name shall not be mentioned wants to see the view from here! This view is fine as it is as Mr O has already pointed out :-)


Of course you do. Go back and get that shot of the "view". Another field trip for you!


Ok I have to go back there and get another picture.


Hey! This house is a nice view!
Thanx, PhG.


So...will you post the view? :)


Thank you Morris you know a solidly built structure when you see it.


Nice set of pics, pg!


YOU pumpkin who would ever think something like that? OH yes, everyone I guess.


Will you post the view sometime, or just leave us thinking about the old place sitting on top of a hill? (Not that I am trying to be a pain in your rear end or anything).


Maybe they could see the view better if they got rid of those scrubby things blocking the windows.


Really something how those tin roofs hold up!


Another big smile. :) It looks like that driveway is in use. Love the entrance and porch roof lines.


This place sits on top of a hill and you can see for a good distance from the house. there are all fields around it and I guess at one time part of a farm.


Not to question you....but WHAT view?


Boy, this looks bone dry and desolate. Wonder what the "view" is of.