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"Melting Paperweight" KaleidoBOARDS!

54 pieces
94 solves
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Five days ago I posted a puzzle called "Melting Paperweight" using my JiggyBelleS profile. Ardy / Ringleader asked me what would happen if I made kaleidoscopes of that image. Well, here is one result!


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WOW! What a great thing to say, Gail. I will be smiling all day! Thank you so much!


You can melt my paperweights any day, Jan. This is stupendous! Thanks.


Laurajane - That is such a cute avatar! Thank you so much! I love the word, too!


Colorlicious...ha ha...great word to describle this pretty puzzle.


Gail - what a wonderful image. I can see that very thing! Thank you for your beautiful descriptions!!

PJ - I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle - and the wonderful comments, too! Thanks so much!!


Jan - this is so fun, wonderful boards. Love Tampagirl's new word 'colorlicious' . I sure hope Pat is keen on making such a dictionary.... And Gail's descirption of Mexican dancing dresses is great.
Jan - wonderful puzzle.


This is gorgeous, Jan. As I was working them, the pieces for the centers reminded me of ruffly, colorful Mexican dancing dresses. I love the centers and the details. The left one has pink/red bells ringing joyously.


TG - I LOVE the word colorlicious! What a fun and descriptive word. thanks so much!!

Ardy - Thank you again for the idea. And, thanks for the comments here. I can see those mortarboards! LOL

Hanne - Thanks so much! I was a bit surprised that the details came out as clearly as they did!


Oh, those rich details, so glorious - thanks so very much Jan!!


Jan, next to the far right there are creatures wearing college mortar board hats. Green jackets and a big oink belt buckle, they are arising from bottles. Thanks Jan.

I think Tampagirl has come up with another word for Pat's Jigidi dictionary - colorlicious Describes this puzzle well.


Such a colorlicious set today. Thanks jiggy :)